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Vampire Costumes

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Dive into the Universe of Vampires

Are you ready to embrace your dark side, let yourself be overcome by the captivating charm of vampires and embrace the destiny of a being of the night, leaving the mortal world behind to enter the legend ? Imagine yourself crossing the centuries, enveloped in the mystery and presence that have always characterized vampires. Our collection of Vampire Costumes offers you this unique opportunity.

We don't just sell costumes; we invite you to embody a legend, to transform yourself into a creature of the night who is both feared and admired . Whether you're a man, woman, child or even looking for a baby costume, we have what you need to become the center of attention at your next Halloween party.

Are you Ready to Captivate? : Which vampire do you want to be? A nobleman from the old world, elegant and refined, or perhaps a darker and more mysterious creature, master of seduction? Our costumes for adults and children are designed to meet every personality, every desire for transformation. With Farce & Attrape, you choose much more than a costume; you choose an experience, a journey through time and mythology.

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The Night Belongs to You : Our costumes are designed to immerse you in total immersion, thanks to quality materials and careful designs that evoke the authenticity of classic vampires, while adding a modern touch. The detail of our accessories, from makeup to gothic jewelry, is there to perfect your look and allow you to fully express your nocturnal alter ego.

Discover our collection and let your instinct guide you. Farce & Attrape is here to support you in this transformation, to make this Halloween an unforgettable adventure. Let the night reveal who you really are . Immerse yourself in our world and find the costume that will make you the star of the evening!


gifi vampire costume

Discover Your Vampire Style

Immerse yourself in mystery and elegance with our Vampire Costume collection, where each costume is a celebration of uniqueness. Let yourself be seduced by our range, designed to reveal the legend within you, no matter your age or style.

  • Immortal Duo : Transform your couple into a vision of gothic elegance with our couples sets. Perfect for ruling Halloween night hand in hand.

  • Young Explorers of the Night : From twirling bats to young counts and countesses, our children's costumes promise adventure and wonder for little ones.

  • Elegance and Mystery for Her : Feminine selection ranging from the glamorous seductive vampiress to the discreet charm of a nocturnal countess. Each costume is a promise of elegance.

  • Dark Prestance for Him : From majestic capes to Dracula outfits, discover costumes that combine presence and mystery, for an unforgettable presence.

  • First Steps in the Night : Our baby vampire costumes are designed with love, ensuring comfort and adorableness for the youngest members of the family.

This collection is not just an invitation to put on a costume; it is a promise of metamorphosis , an opportunity to transcend the everyday to fully embrace the essence of a creature of the night. Each costume, carefully designed and richly detailed, is your key to opening the door to a unique experience, where you not only play a role, but become the very embodiment of elegance, mystery and charm which characterize vampires throughout the ages.

vampire woman makeup Our Tips on the Art of Vampiric Makeup

For more in-depth tips on vampire makeup, check out our dedicated article just above by clicking on the image. Transform yourself into a creature of the night with our expert advice.☝️

The secret to a truly memorable vampire costume is in the details. At Farce & Attrape, we understand that the art of transforming into a vampire is not limited to clothing, but extends to makeup and accessories that perfect your incarnation . Here's how to put the finishing touches on your vampire look, with key tips for a dramatic transformation:

  • Authentic Vampire Complexion : Start with a pale foundation to create the illusion of ethereal skin. Use a translucent powder to set makeup without altering that ghostly paleness.

  • Mysterious and Deep Look : Accentuate your eyes with dark shadows. Consider shades of black, gray, or even purple for a dramatic effect. Black or burgundy eyeliners add intensity to the look, while false lashes can provide extra dimension.

  • Fantasy Contact Lenses : Transform your look with our colored lenses, ranging from blood red to abyssal black, to capture the essence of vampirism.

  • Predator Lips : Opt for a dark red or black lipstick, evoking your character's insatiable thirst. A precise contour of the lips will add to the dramatic effect.

  • Bonus Tip : For a realistic gory effect, use fake blood around the mouth or on the canines for a freshly fed vampire look. Experiment with scars or visible veins for an even more terrifying effect.

Immerse yourself in the terrifying atmosphere of Halloween with our Fake Blood, the essential accessory to make your disguises and decorations more realistic than ever. Add a touch of thrill to your evenings and impress your friends with special effects worthy of a horror film.

fake blood for halloween makeup

The Historical and Legendary Roots of Vampires

Did you know that every time you explore the idea of ​​becoming a vampire for Halloween, you're diving into a reservoir of stories that stretch back to the dawn of time? It's fascinating how vampires have always captured our imagination, but where exactly did they come from?

  • Dracula and Vlad the Impaler : Dracula, this name immediately evokes the image of the vampire par excellence. But behind this character lies the story of Vlad the Impaler, a historical figure whose actions inspired Bram Stoker for his famous novel. Just imagine, each reference to Dracula is a nod to the history of Transylvania and its legends.

  • The Lamies of Ancient Greece : Long before Dracula, the ancient Greeks already told stories of Lamies, half-woman, half-monster creatures who devoured men. It's an early example of our fascination with beings who exist in the shadows, between fear and attraction.

  • Magic and Immortality in Ancient Egypt : Vampires were not the only ones seeking immortality. The ancient Egyptians practiced complex rituals around death and the afterlife, seeking to conquer eternity. These mystical practices echo the vampires' quest for immortality.

  • The Modern Myth of the Chupacabra : And what about the Chupacabra, this modern creature that sucks the blood of animals? This is proof that the vampire myth continues to evolve, adapting to our fears and our fascination with the unknown.

All of this is to say that when you delve into the world of vampires, you're not just embracing a costume for a night out; you touch on a living part of our history and our culture . It is this richness that we celebrate through our collection. By learning more about these legends, you enrich your own Halloween experience, connecting you not only to a festive tradition, but also to a deep and varied cultural heritage .

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