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magasin farce et attrape

Prank & Catch: the kingdom of prank and party

Farce & Attrape is your space for humor and partying . Here, each article is a promise of laughter and good times to be had with your friends and family. Join our community for experiences of shared joy and unforgettable memories !

boule puante

Stink ball: fragrant surprise guaranteed!

Trigger laughter with our stink ball, the star attraction of our pranks, and its legendary nauseating smell ! Ideal for unforgettable jokes, it is sure to surprise. Click for the smelliest and funniest experience!

Itchy hair: itching guaranteed!

A must-have prank that promises harmless but terribly funny itching . Our scratching hair is the perfect accomplice for hilarious moments. Just a little pinch is enough to start a contagious burst of laughter!

poil a gratter
coussin péteur farces et attrapes

Whoopee cushion: a fart, inevitable laughter!

The classic whoopee cushion, king of pranks and tricks, is ready to burst into hilarious sounds under your victims! Simple and effective, it promises laughter and surprises with each use. Click to add some sparkle to your jokes!

Intense reactions with fake scratch tickets!

Get ready for some hilarious moments with our fake scratch cards, from fancy wins to surprising pregnancy announcements. And to add a spark, discover our scratch cards specially designed for couples, ideal for fun sexual games full of complicity.

Guaranteed laughter: try our stinky sprays!

Go back in time with our stinky sprays! Awaken the laughter and smells that marked your most fun moments. Ready for an unforgettable olfactory adventure? Our sprays are perfect for lovers of pranks , laughter and surprises!

magasin farce et attrape

Your favorite joke store

Discover the captivating world of Farce & Attrape, where every moment is a plunge into childhood , reminding you of the joys of pranks and traps!

Our history, our values ​​and our passion for humor await you. Join us to share moments of laughter and complicity.

Rediscover electrical pranks and tricks

Feel the carefreeness and laughter of your childhood again with our collection of electric pranks and tricks. These fun gadgets will take you back to the best joke moments. Ready for electrifying surprises that revive happy memories?

Shivering Halloween: Fake Insects & Snakes

Discover our selection of artificial insects and snakes! Perfect for adding a touch of terror to your decor or for hilarious pranks, they are so realistic that they are astonishing. These scary companions will make your Halloween evening totally unforgettable.

Moment of humor: your daily laughter break

Want to have a laugh? Our humor blog is your new daily stop for a guaranteed laugh with our new jokes . From comical anecdotes to eccentric advice, we promise you moments of pure happiness. Dive into our humorous articles and share the laughter.

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