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blague sms qui fait stresser

TOP 15 SMS Jokes that will make you Stress

Want to become the master of text message jokes that leave your friends both amused and slightly anxious ? If you like capturing the attention of your loved ones with messages that are both hilarious and disturbing, you've come to the right place. In the following lines, you will discover how to transform a simple text message into an adventure full of thrills.

You may be wondering how a message can both stress and make you laugh? Imagine the impact of a well-thought-out text message sent at the right time. It's the art of playing with words to awaken a range of emotions in your friends, a challenge that we will take on together.

Get ready to explore a hand-picked list of 15 text message jokes. Each idea is an opportunity to surprise, intrigue and leave an impression . Curious to know the secrets to becoming the genius of SMS jokes? Read on and get inspired.

SMS joke that makes your boyfriend stressed

1. The invasion of insects

The Insect Invasion is an evil joke that exploits the innate fear of crawling insects. With a simple text message like "Have you noticed anything weird in your room tonight?" or “Be careful not to put your feet on the ground”, you can instantly create a feeling of apprehension in your interlocutor. Uncertainty about whether insects are actually present combined with overactive imagination can turn a simple conversation into a terrifying mind game.

Bonus Tip: To heighten the effect of this joke, consider sending a photo of a realistic insect or a sound recording of a buzzing sound. This will reinforce the illusion and immerse your interlocutor in a real atmosphere of horror, making this prank an unforgettable experience. Find these fake insects on Farce & Attrape for guaranteed thrills!

April Fool's joke SMS joke

2. Extreme surveillance

The “Extreme Surveillance” joke plays on a universal feeling: the fear of being observed. A simple message, such as “I see you” or “Close your curtains tonight,” can transform an ordinary evening into a thrilling experience. This subtle but effective approach uses the art of implication to engage your target's imagination , letting them imagine a thousand and one stories behind these few words. It's a great way to start your arsenal of SMS pranks, sowing doubt and anticipation.

Bonus tip: To make this prank even more immersive, send a second message a few minutes after the first, like "Why didn't you listen?" This will add an extra layer of mystery and intrigue, taking the adrenaline up a notch.

SMS joke that makes your girlfriend stressed

3. Annoying but Incessant Messages

“Annoying but Constant Messages” are a sneaky but hilarious tactic to keep your friends on their toes. Repeatedly sending a simple “Hi!” at regular intervals, like every hour, creates unbearable suspense. This method plays on the patience and curiosity of the person, leaving the real purpose of these messages shrouded in mystery . It's the gradual progression from annoyance to mild anxiety that makes this joke particularly tasty, transforming a mundane act into a complex emotional experience.

Unique tip: Incorporate an element of surprise by suddenly changing the message after several hours to something unexpected like "Look behind you..." or "I missed you today." This abrupt change will intensify the confusion and the element of surprise, making the joke even more memorable.

humor joke sms that makes you stressed

4. The False Virus Alert

The “False Virus Alert” is a modern prank that plays on dependence and fear regarding the security of our smartphones. Telling your friends that their device is threatened by a virus via a message that seems official and technical can cause a real surge of anxiety. The use of computer jargon, such as "Trojan horse detected" or "Security vulnerability exploited", can make the hoax particularly persuasive . This joke taps into the real worry many feel about losing control of their personal data or digital lives.

Bonus tip: To add a layer of realism, offer a far-fetched or completely ineffective solution to "fix" the problem, such as shaking the phone to "dislodge" the virus. This can not only prolong the joke but also, after revelation, provide a good moment of laughter at the absurdity of the situation.

SMS prank message that makes you stressed

5. The Call of the Serial Killer

“Call of the Serial Killer” turns a text message prank into a terrifying cinematic experience. Using phrases like "I can't wait to taste your blood" can immerse your friends in the atmosphere of a horror thriller where they play the main role. This prank takes on an even more realistic and frightening dimension when you use an app to hide your number and change your voice. By playing the role of a menacing antagonist through a phone call, you create dramatic tension and authentic fear, reminiscent of classic scenes from horror films.

Bonus tip: Before you make the call, send a text message that sets the stage, like "Hear that noise? It's me, approaching." Then, use a free voice changer app to make hidden calls, which will make the call even more mysterious and terrifying. Choose a voice that evokes thrills, like that of a horror movie psychopath, to maximize the impact of the prank.

scary joke sms

6. The fake romantic breakup

The “Pretended Romantic Breakup” is a delicate prank that plays with emotions in a daring way. Sending an ambiguous message like “We need to talk…” can instantly sow doubt and anxiety. This classic preamble to serious conversations prepares your other half to anticipate an important, even worrying, discussion . The effectiveness of this joke relies on the balance between the apparent seriousness of the message and the subsequent revelation of the joke, which can provoke relief tinged with humor in the person trapped.

Bonus tip: To make the joke more believable and maintain the tension a little longer, follow your "We need to talk..." with a dramatic pause before revealing the deception. For example, you could send a following message that says “…how much I love you and how happy I am to be with you!” This transforms the initial scare into a sweet and fun moment, while highlighting your ability to create memorable moments in your relationship.

scary sms joke

7. The Mysterious Sighting

“The Mysterious Observation” plays on nocturnal fears and popular beliefs around unexpected awakenings in the middle of the night. A message like “Did you know that waking up in the middle of the night means someone is watching you?” can instantly turn nighttime calm into a source of anxiety and speculation . This joke, particularly effective for those who have trouble getting to sleep, uses the art of implication to awaken imagination and mild paranoia, making darkness fertile ground for imagination.

Bonus tip: To maximize the impact of this joke on an insomniac friend, send a follow-up a few minutes after the first message, something even more suggestive like "I just hope you don't hear them walking." This kind of comment can turn a simple joke into a truly immersive experience, pushing the person to actively listen to the slightest nighttime noises, thus increasing the effect of the prank.

prank to do by text message which is scary

8. The Urban Legend Challenge

“The Urban Legend Challenge” invites your friends to dive into the captivating world of myths and superstitions that populate our culture. Getting them to repeat rituals like "Bloody Mary" in their bathroom mirror adds a layer of excitement and fear . This challenge, which combines curiosity and apprehension, is perfect for those who like to test the limits of their courage. Plus, asking for video proof of their attempt turns the experience into a shareable memory and hilarious conversation starter.

Bonus tip: To make the challenge even more immersive, suggest they do it exactly at midnight and use only one candle to light the room. This intensifies the atmosphere and tension, making the experience more authentic. You can also add a little personal touch by sending them a message just after midnight, asking if they survived the experience. This immediate follow-up reinforces engagement in the joke and shows your interest in their experience, while adding a dose of humor afterwards.

scary sms joke

9. The False Abduction

“The False Kidnapping” is a complex farce which requires careful preparation and the complicity of one or more friends to create a credible scenario. Faking a kidnapping by sending messages or fabricated evidence, such as photos or videos of a "kidnapped" friend, can cause a shockwave followed by intense relief once the truth is revealed. This prank tests the limits of the victim's imagination and emotional response, promising a memorable and often filled conclusion with laughter and relief.

Bonus Tip: To add an element of realism to the deception, send a message from the "kidnapped" vaguely asking for help, followed by temporary radio silence. Meanwhile, prepare for a dramatic reveal where the "kidnapped" reappears unharmed, perhaps on a video call, revealing the joke. Make sure the joke remains friendly and everyone is on the same page to avoid real concerns. The key is to maintain a balance between suspense and reassurance that everything is just a well-orchestrated prank.

creepy sms joke

10. The Deadly Virus

“The Deadly Virus” is a particularly effective prank for hypochondriac friends, exploiting their tendency to worry about their health. By sending a message that credibly describes the symptoms of a fictitious, deadly illness, you can trigger a momentary panic response . The trick is to concoct a compelling narrative that sounds just scientific enough to sow doubt, but without crossing the line into bad taste or insensitivity.

Bonus tip: To reinforce the illusion without going too far, end your joke with an absurd or clearly made-up resolution, such as "Luckily, this disease can only be contracted on Mars." This helps to quickly dispel concerns while providing a moment of humorous relief. This approach ensures that the joke remains in the realm of amusement without causing prolonged distress.

send this joke sms to scare

11. The SMS of the Prey to Excessive Love

“The Excessive Love Prey SMS” is a prank that plays on the intensity of unwanted or exaggerated affection, sending messages that border on obsession. Phrases like “I desire to hold your body, preferably cold as ice.” can create an atmosphere of passionate thrill while being sufficiently outrageous to sow doubt about their seriousness. It's the balance between light-hearted worry and the realization that it's all just a joke that makes this joke particularly tasty.

Bonus Tip: To keep the joke within the realm of humor without crossing the line, make sure you choose a victim who will understand and appreciate the humor behind these messages. After sending a few of these text messages, conclude with a revealing message, like "Don't worry, the only excessive love I have for you is that of a friend who loves to take you for a ride." This helps clarify your intentions and share a good laugh, emphasizing the playful nature of the prank.

tell a scary joke via text message

12. The Fake Policeman

“The Fake Policeman” is a farce that leverages apparent authority to create a moment of tension followed by comic relief. By sending a message pretending to be from a police officer announcing an imminent visit to investigate fictitious illegal activities, you plunge your victim into a brief period of worry . The effectiveness of this joke lies in its ability to imitate a serious scenario, while being absurd enough that doubt quickly sets in as to its veracity.

Bonus tip: To keep this prank within the bounds of acceptable and good taste, it is crucial to choose the moment of the reveal carefully and to ensure that the message contains subtle clues indicating that it should not be take it seriously. For example, mention an extravagant reason for the visit, such as illegal possession of undeclared candy or excessive Wi-Fi use. This absurd detail will turn the initial anxiety into a fit of laughter once the deception is exposed.

stressful sms joke

13. The Link to the Unknown

“The Link to the Unknown” exploits natural curiosity and reluctance to face the unknown, by sending your friends a link to web content carefully chosen for its potential to frighten or disrupt. Whether it's a site with distressing content, an online game designed to surprise or an interactive story with unexpected twists, the simple act of clicking on a link becomes an open door to an immersive and potentially terrifying experience. This prank plays on anticipation and reaction to the unexpected, transforming an everyday action into a nervous adventure.

Bonus tip: To ensure maximum impact while remaining within the limits of good taste, accompany your link with an enigmatic message like “Do you dare to discover what this link hides?” or “I bet you can’t watch that without jumping.” This sparks the imagination even before the link is opened. After a reasonable delay, follow up with a message asking for their reaction or admit your joke. This approach maintains engagement and ensures a fun conclusion to the experience, strengthening the bond between you and your friends through sharing an extraordinary digital adventure.

stressful text message breakup joke

14. The Cursed Message Chain

“The Cursed Chain Message” revisits the concept of chain letters of yesteryear for the digital age, weaving a web of intrigue and superstition around your friends. By sending them a message threatening supernatural consequences if they don't deliver it, such as "Deliver this message or Cordelia will come visit you tonight...", you are playing on the old fear of curses and the consequences of unintended actions. carried out. This prank, steeped in mystery, tests your friends' credulity and reaction to modern folklore, while providing a playful touch of suspense.

Bonus Tip: To enrich the experience without causing real distress, personalize the curse with clearly fictional or exaggerated elements, which subtly indicate the humorous tone of the threat. For example, "If you don't forward this message, Cordelia will fill your mailbox with bewitched cookie recipes!" This keeps the atmosphere light and signals that the intention is to have fun, not to terrify. A funny revelation or confession of the joke soon after sends a clear message that everything was in good humor, preserving the friendly spirit of the prank.

creepy sms joke

15. The Paranormal Challenge

“The Paranormal Challenge” engages your friends' imaginations by sharing captivating stories about encounters with the unexplained, whether they be aliens, ghosts, or other supernatural phenomena. By telling these stories in compelling detail and inviting your friends to explore further or share their own experiences, you open the door to a collective exploration of the unknown . This less direct but equally intriguing prank encourages shared curiosity and can lead to deep discussions about personal beliefs and experiences relating to the paranormal.

Bonus tip: To make the challenge even more interactive, suggest an activity related to the paranormal, such as using a ghost hunting app during a night out or creating a short documentary on places known to be haunted by your city. In doing so, you turn the initial joke into a shared adventure, strengthening bonds through a shared experience that mixes fun, thrills, and maybe even a touch of real thrill in the face of the inexplicable. This not only creates lasting memories but also encourages an open mind about the mysteries that surround us.

joke sms horror

16(bonus). The Exorbitant Bill

“The Exorbitant Bill” is a farce that plays on the common fear of facing unforeseen and disproportionate expenses. By pretending to be a customer advisor and informing your friends that they owe an astronomical sum for their electricity consumption, you create a moment of pure panic . The effectiveness of this joke lies in its ability to simulate a completely plausible situation, provoking an immediate reaction of shock and concern, before the reality of the deception is revealed.

Bonus tip: To add an extra dimension to the joke and ensure it stays in good-natured spirit, incorporate into the message an absurd but creative reason for the excessive consumption, such as the existence of a discovered secret teleportation device at home which drains electricity. This touch of humor, once the initial surprise has passed, transforms the tension into laughter and lightens the atmosphere, reminding everyone that it was just a well-orchestrated joke.

horrible sms joke

17(bonus). The scary video with screamer

For a guaranteed thrill, show or send the link to your friends to the “Ghost Car” video on YouTube. This screamer begins with a serene car ride, before surprising with a terrifying face . A classic for a good scare.

Bonus tip: Before showing them the video, tell them to focus on the details in the background to entice them to look closer, thus intensifying the element of surprise.

Visual summary of stress according to the joke

Ready for a dose of adrenaline? Our dynamic table reveals an ingenious classification of SMS jokes, ranging from slight palpitations to palpable tension . Perfect for livening up your conversations, this visual guide is your ally for generating laughter and thrills among your friends. Choose your joke, measure the intensity of the stress it generates and embark on an adventure full of twists and turns.

SMS joke Stress Level
1. The invasion of insects ⚡⚡
2. Extreme surveillance ⚡⚡⚡
3. Annoying but Incessant Messages
4. The False Virus Alert ⚡⚡⚡⚡
5. Call of the Serial Killer ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
6. The fake romantic breakup ⚡⚡⚡
7. The Mysterious Sighting ⚡⚡
8. The Urban Legend Challenge ⚡⚡⚡
9. The False Abduction ⚡⚡⚡⚡
10. The Deadly Virus ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
11. The SMS of the Prey to Excessive Love ⚡⚡
12. The Fake Policeman ⚡⚡⚡
13. The Link to the Unknown ⚡⚡⚡⚡
14. The Cursed Message Chain
15. The Paranormal Challenge ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
16. The Exorbitant Bill ⚡⚡⚡
17. The scary video with screamer ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Stress Level Legend (represented by lightning bolts “⚡”):

  • ⚡: Light stress
  • ⚡⚡: Moderate stress
  • ⚡⚡⚡: Noticeable stress
  • ⚡⚡⚡⚡: High stress
  • ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡: Extreme stress
SMS joke to scare your friends

    Boost your SMS Pranks Directory

    After going through these master tips for turning text messages into unforgettable moments, you are now equipped to surprise, amuse, and sometimes even slightly scare your friends . Each idea gives you the opportunity to weave unique memories with those who matter to you, exploring the range of human emotions through the prism of humor and fear.

    Don’t hesitate to share your experiences in comments! What joke did you try? What was the reaction of your friends? Your feedback will enrich our community, inspiring us to create even more memorable moments . Together, let's explore the limits of our creativity and our capacity to move people.

    And if you're looking for even more ideas to spice up your daily life, stay connected. Our journey through the art of joking has only just begun. Your friends will never know what to expect, but one thing is certain: they will remember the moments you share for a long time. So, are you ready to take on the challenge?

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