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How to Make Scratching Hair? (6 Tips)

Do you want to know the secret of legendary pranks? Imagine being able to create a moment of pure hilarity, a memorable prank that will stay etched in people's minds. That's exactly what you're going to learn here: the power to make scratching hair , this classic but terribly effective tool in the perfect prankster's arsenal.

From simple methods to unique tips, get ready to discover how to make your friends (or enemies) crazy with itch, while remaining incognito. We dive into the delicate art of making scratching hair, with easy-to-perform techniques and guaranteed results . Ready to make an impression? Let's go for an irritating magic trick!

how to use scratching hair

1. With Red Berries of Rosehip (Rosehip)

Rosehip , also affectionately called “ Ass-scratcher ” for its itchy effects, is a component of choice for successful pranks. Here's how to exploit this wild fruit, step by step, and even as a bonus, transform its pulp into a delicious jam.

Where to Find Rose Hips?

Before you start making, you need to know where to find these little red pearls. Rose hips come from the rosehip, a wild shrub that flowers in summer and whose fruits ripen in fall. You will find them in abundance in hedges, roadsides, and clearings in temperate forests . Their bright red color makes them easy to spot among the foliage.


  • Juicy Harvest: End of summer and beginning of fall are the ideal times. Opt for very ripe fruits, they will come off easily and their deep red color indicates a high level of natural irritants.

  • Natural Drying: Let them dry naturally in the open air, on a tray covered with a paper towel, away from direct sunlight. Absolutely avoid the microwave; Excessive heat can alter the irritant properties of the hairs. Allow approximately two weeks for complete drying.

  • Careful Extraction: Gently opens the dry rose hips to access the seeds surrounded by hairs. Immerse this mixture in a container filled with water, allowing the hairs to break away and float. Carefully remove the seeds from the water, then leave the container in the open air. The water will slowly evaporate, leaving behind the bristles dry and ready for use. This process may take a few days, depending on the humidity and temperature conditions of the room.

  • Conservation and Use: Store the hairs in a small airtight bag. They are now ready to be used for your pranks. A pinch discreetly placed in clothing or a bag will be enough for a guaranteed effect.

rosehip scratching hair

    Bonus: Rosehip Jam

    Don't throw away the pulp! Rosehip is rich in vitamin C and offers many health benefits. Here's how to turn it into a delicious jam:

    • After extracting the hairs, use the remaining pulp for your jam. Cook it with water and sugar (to your liking) until you obtain a thick consistency.
    • Pass the cooked mixture through a sieve to remove the seeds and obtain a smooth texture.
    • Place in a pot and let cool. This jam is perfect for breakfasts or snacks, bringing a wild and original note to your table.
    how to make homemade scratching hair

      By following these steps, not only will you have pulled off a memorable prank with the scratching hair, but you will also have helped to promote natural resources by concocting a jam full of benefits . This is the art of pranking with conscience!

      2. With glass wool

      Glass wool, typically relegated to the attic for its insulating properties , has unsuspected potential for prank lovers. Here's how to turn it into a secret itch weapon, while following rigorous safety measures.

      glass wool scratching hair

      Processing Stages

      • Safety First: Handling glass wool requires precautions. Wear thick gloves to protect your hands and, if possible, safety glasses to protect your eyes from irritating fibers.

      • Material Preparation: Use scissors to carefully cut a small piece of glass wool. Make sure you are working on a clean surface to make it easier to collect cut pieces.

      • Obtaining the Powder: Between two sheets of sandpaper, rub the pieces of glass wool. This action requires a certain delicacy to transform the material into a fine powder without creating large agglomerates.

      • Storage and Preservation: Pour the finely ground powder into a small airtight bag. Proper sealing of the sachet is essential to avoid any untimely leakage of the powder.

      how to put scratching hair

        Directions for Use and Precautions

        • Use in Moderation: A small amount is enough for a successful prank. The intention is to cause surprise, not to cause major inconvenience. Avoid direct application to the skin to prevent adverse reactions.

        • In Case of Contact: If the itching sensation becomes too intense, it is recommended to take a shower immediately to wash the affected area and remove all traces of the powder.

        The use of this technique requires responsibility and awareness of the potential impact on others. Make sure that your pranks are always received in a spirit of good humor and mutual consent.

        how to multiply scratching hair

        3. With Muscat Pea: Treasure of the Tropics

        If you are lucky enough to live in a region blessed with a tropical climate, such as the Antilles or Reunion, you are already on the ideal playing field to exploit the Velvet Pea . This climbing plant, which blends into the exotic landscape of these islands, hides in its pods a barely believable itching power. Here's how to take advantage of it for a memorable prank, while respecting nature and your friends.

        Extraction and Preparation of Muscat Pea

        • Local Treasure Hunt: Take advantage of your natural environment to go in search of this unique plant. The velvet pea flourishes in the wild, offering its pods to those who know how to recognize them. These little natural capsules are the key to a successful prank.
        • Maneuver with Caution: Wear gloves to harvest and handle the pods. Extracting hair requires special attention to avoid accidental irritation. This is the time to show delicacy and precision.
        • Application Strategy: With the hairs in hand, choose the right moment to discreetly introduce this natural irritant into your target's environment. A hint is enough to trigger a surprising reaction, guaranteeing an instant "burning" effect.
        • Sensitivity and Consent: Make sure your prank stays within the bounds of shared fun. Knowledge of the region and its resources gives you a unique advantage, but with great power comes great responsibility. Use the velvet bean judiciously, taking care not to exceed the limits of humor and mutual respect.
        how to use scratching hair

          Living in a region where velvet pea is accessible offers an exceptional opportunity to create moments of laughter and surprise. However, remember that the true art of pranking lies in the ability to balance surprise with kindness.

          4. With Cut Hair

          Transforming a familiar sensation into an unexpected itchy experience is the essence of this technique. Using hair as a prank tool is both simple and ingenious. Here's how to do it:

          • Clever Collection: Gathers hair after a cut, using a comb or brush for easy collection. Hair must be clean and dry.

          • Fine Cutting: Use scissors to cut hair into very fine fragments. The size of the pieces is crucial to maximize the irritating effect while remaining discreet.

          • Storage and Use: Keeps hair fragments in a small bag. At the appropriate time, discreetly sprinkle a tiny amount into someone's collar or shoulder to cause a mild itch.

          from which tree does the hair to be scratched come from?

            Effectiveness lies in parsimonious use and discretion. This method transforms an everyday experience into a source of surprise and laughter, reminding us that the best pranks are often the simplest.

            5. With Maple Seed Pods (helicopter)

            Let's explore how nature sometimes offers unexpected pranking tools, such as maple seed pods. These natural "helicopters", which charm us with their aerial dance as they fall from the trees, hide a secret for lovers of clever pranks. To create scratching hair from maple seed husks, follow these detailed steps:

            • Collecting Pods: Head to a maple tree or an area where these trees are abundant to collect between 15 and 20 pods, also called samaras or “windmills”. Choose the green pods still attached to the branches in spring or summer.

            what period for the hair to scratch to scratch
              • Drying: Place the pods on a windowsill or a dry, well-ventilated place. Let them dry until they turn brown and dry, a process that reveals their final texture and prepares the bristles for use.

              • Preparation for Extraction: Place a sheet of white paper on a table. This paper will be used to collect the silver hairs which will detach from the wings of the pods. These hairs are the source of the desired irritating effect.

              • Protection: Before you begin, put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands during the extraction process.

              • Hair Removal: Use scissors to separate the wings from the seed, taking care to also remove the central spine. Then, gently rub the wings together on top of the paper to release the hairs. Repeat for each pair of wings until you have accumulated about a teaspoon of hair.

              why does the itchy hair itch

                This artisanal method transforms a natural element into a source of harmless entertainment. However, the use of this type of scratching hair must be done with discernment and a good dose of responsibility to ensure that the prank remains fun and without consequences for everyone.

                6. With the Fruits of the Plane Tree

                These little wonders of nature, often underestimated, are full of potential for those looking to surprise in a fun and original way. By following these steps, you'll transform what many consider to be simple tree waste into an eco-friendly entertainment tool.

                scratching hair manufacturing

                • In summer , when the plane trees release their fruits, the ripe achenes are ready for picking. These fruits, known for their ability to fly in the wind, hide under their modest appearance a reserve of irritating hairs perfect for a successful prank.

                • Natural drying is crucial. After harvesting, scatter the achenes in a well-ventilated area, in the shade, so that they dry at their own pace. This step preserves the integrity of the hairs, ensuring their effectiveness.

                • The delicate extraction of hairs requires a little patience. By opening the achenes, you will discover the fine down ready to be collected. Uses precise tools to collect only the hairs, without damaging them.

                what flower hair to scratch

                  These instructions guide you through creating an all-natural scratching hair, proving once again that the best pranks can be eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. With a little creativity and respect for nature, you are ready to unleash laughter and surprises.

                  7. How to Remove Scratching Hair from the Skin?

                  If you find yourself the victim of an itchy fur prank, the itching sensation can be both surprising and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are effective and quick methods to soothe your skin and remove irritating residue . Here's how to quickly find comfort and serenity.

                  how to remove scratching hair from the skin

                  First, rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water . Cold water helps close skin pores, preventing hair from penetrating deeper and reducing irritation. Next, use a gentle adhesive , such as duct tape or a strip of cold wax, to gently remove any residual hair clinging to your skin. Apply the tape to the affected area then remove it sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth for best results.

                  After removing the hair, apply a soothing cream or calamine lotion to the area to relieve any remaining irritation. The cooling and calming properties of these products will go a long way in reducing the itch and discomfort. If the feeling persists, consider using an antihistamine cream or tablet to counter the allergic reaction.

                  how to remove scratching hair

                  In case of severe irritation or allergic reaction, consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice and appropriate treatment. It is important to treat irritated skin correctly to avoid any complications.

                  By integrating these tips into your daily life, you can effectively minimize the impact of a scratching prank and quickly find soothed skin.

                  World War II itching hair

                  8. The Itchy Hair during the Second World War

                  At the heart of the most unexpected war strategies of the Second World War is a singular operation led by the British Special Operations Executive. Their plan? Disrupting German U-boat crews by treating their uniforms with itching hair, specifically aimed at causing intense itching "in the most tender parts of the human anatomy".

                  This audacious report, delivered to Winston Churchill in 1943, reveals how 25,000 German sailors were the victims of this unconventional psychological warfare. Although the strategic impact of this approach is not explicitly mentioned, it remains emblematic of war efforts focused on enemy morale and well-being , demonstrating that beyond traditional weapons and tactics, the ingenuity and cunning also found their place on the chessboard of world conflict.

                  itchy hair during the world war

                  9. Discover the Best Scratching Hairs at Farce & Attrape

                  Do you want to become the master of pranks without breaking your head? I have exactly what you need. At Farce & Attrape, we have prepared the perfect solution for you: a set of 10 sachets of ready-to-use scratching hair . Forget complicated recipes and tedious preparations.

                  With our product, you're ready in the blink of an eye to make friends and family go crazy. Head to our store and equip yourself for moments of pure hilarity. Get started and prepare to be the king or queen of the evening, effortless guaranteed!

                  how to make itching hair

                  There you are, you now have all the cards in hand to become the genius of pranks that leave an impression. Whether you choose to make your own scratching hair using natural methods , or opt for simplicity with our ready-to-use batch from Farce & Attrape, laughter and surprise will always be there. So, experiment, have fun and share your successes (or hilarious failures) with us!

                  We can't wait to read your comments on the pranks you've tried, the reactions you've provoked, or even your own tips for creating the perfect comic mayhem. Leave a comment below and share your experience with the prank community. Who knows ? Your joke might just become the next legend!

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