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20 Tips to Piss Off Your Upstairs Neighbors

You've had enough, haven't you? Those upstairs neighbors who seem to confuse their apartment with a soccer field at 3 a.m., or worse, who think they're participating in a competition to see who shouts the loudest .

You are there, quietly installed, trying to enjoy a moment of calm or to sink into the arms of Morpheus, when suddenly, the concert begins. Heavy footsteps, objects falling for no apparent reason, children who seem to be participating in an endless relay race on the floor...

Yes, we've all had to deal with those upstairs neighbors who, whether intentionally or not, turn our ceiling into a veritable dance floor. But what to do when dialogue has failed ? When kind requests to turn down the volume turn into awkward smiles with no change in behavior? Should we resign ourselves to suffering? Certainly not !

Imagine a world where you could, with a touch of humor and a touch of mischief, make them understand the inconvenience they cause you. Yes, this world is at your fingertips, and that's where we come in, armed with our 20 Tips for Pissing Off Your Neighbors, as creative as they are effective, to allow you to regain control (and the night).

how to annoy your upstairs neighbors

1. The Stink Spray or Stink Ball

Faced with the incessant nuisance from your neighbors above, are you looking for an effective and quick solution? Let me offer you a timeless classic: the indelicate charm of the stink ball or stink spray. Yes, sometimes traditional methods are still the best. Imagine the scene: a stink ball carefully placed outside their door, or a swipe of stink spray on their doormat . Discreet, but terribly effective in sending a clear and fragrant message.

These little wonders of pranks and tricks, available in our store, are not only tools of sweet revenge; they are a powerful reminder that mutual respect is essential in apartment cohabitation. Easy to use, they guarantee an immediate impact on the quality of life of your neighbor who is a little too noisy, while giving you a feeling of well-deserved justice. So, ready to take back control of your sound environment? Don't suffer any longer, act with humor and determination!

what to do to annoy your neighbors

2. The Itch of Justice with the Itchy Hair

Never thought that giving back could be so itchy? Give your neighbor a “gift” t-shirt subtly dusted with itching powder. It's the art of remembering good manners with a touch of humor... and a little itch. An unforgettable lesson on the consequences of their actions, delivered straight to their door. And if you're looking for where to find this ingenious tool of justice, our store is full of solutions to help you.

how to piss off your upstairs neighbors

3. The Unexpected Bright Alarm Clock

Nothing disrupts sleep more than a sudden burst of light. Why not use this to your advantage? If your apartment allows it, direct a spotlight or a powerful lamp towards your upstairs neighbor's windows at times when he is looking for quiet. A bright alarm clock can be as disconcerting as the noise, especially when you least expect to be bathed in bright light in the middle of the night.

It’s a peaceful but persuasive way to make them understand that respect is a two-way street. Bonus: this requires no direct contact, reducing the chance of conflict while sending a clear message about the importance of mutual respect.

tap on the neighboring ceiling

4. Create an open Wi-Fi connection named “OnEntendToutD’enHaut”

Create an open Wi-Fi connection named "OnHeadAllD'enHaut" For a touch of passive-aggressive humor, set up a passwordless Wi-Fi connection with a name that sends a clear message like "OnHereAllD'enHaut." It's a subtle way of letting them know that their private life is anything but private , without even having to knock on their door. Bonus: every time they try to connect to the Internet, they will be greeted by this reminder of their lack of discretion. It's a simple but effective tip for communicating your message without direct confrontation.

how to annoy your neighbors

5. Poop wrapped in burning newspaper

The old flaming bag trick takes an olfactory turn when you add a very special surprise: poop wrapped in newspaper. Yes, it's daring and it requires a certain amount of audacity, not to mention a strong sense of humor. Lighting that particular package on fire outside your neighbor's door and ringing the doorbell guarantees an explosive reaction. But be careful, the art of prank requires discretion and perfect timing.

make your neighbor crack

6. Max Volume: The Symphony of Silence

It's time to get down to business with your secret weapon: a big subwoofer. Take out your best sound system and prepare to launch a musical assault of unparalleled power to make your neighbor above understand who is the master of the game. Select the heaviest songs , those that make the walls shake and the walls vibrate. souls, and pushes the volume to its maximum.

A brutal demonstration but oh so effective in making him taste his own medicine. If he thought walking like an elephant was fun, wait until he feels the rumble of your bass. It's time to show him what "pissing off your neighbor" really means.

how to legally annoy your neighbors

7. The Broom, This Herald of Peace

Enough playing! It's time to take your broom and transform it into an instrument of revolt. A good sharp tap against the ceiling, just below the feet of your “starry dancer” neighbors, to loudly remind them of your existence. This gesture, simple but oh so satisfying, is your way of shouting to them: " I'm here, and I'm fed up! " It's the ultimatum of the tenant downstairs, a request for peace armed with a Broom handle. Show them that you will no longer let your head (or the ceiling) be walked on without reacting.

how to get a neighbor to move

8. Eggs thrown into his window

When words are no longer enough, let the eggs do the talking. Take your basket, aim well, and transform your neighbor's window into a living canvas of discontent. It's the ultimate creative expression of your exasperation , an ephemeral but very telling fresco. A direct method, perhaps a little crude, but devilishly effective in getting the message across: “Your noise is over!”

piss off your neighbors

9. Surprise Announcement on Leboncoin

Imagine for a moment transforming your irritation into creative malice by posting an irresistible ad on Leboncoin for your noisy neighbor's apartment. Enticing photos (thank you Internet), a flattering description, and an unbeatable price to attract the crowds. The result ? A never-ending parade of potential visitors, ringing his doorbell at odd hours , giving him a taste of what it's like to be constantly interrupted.

A clever method to make him understand the importance of peace and quiet, without having to say a single word. Who knows, after a few surprise visits, your neighbor might finally grasp the concept of calm and serenity that you seek so hard to preserve.

fake ad the good corner joke

10. The tennis ball and the racket: a noisy duo

Transform the wall into an open stage for a unique performance: you, your tennis racket, and a ball determined to mark the rhythm. Each knock on the wall becomes a note in this symphony of resistance, an insistent melody meant to remind your upstairs neighbor that noise is a double-edged sword . It's time to demonstrate that, if noise is a game, you know how to play too. And with every ball against the wall, you send a clear message: "Your noise is not welcome here."

piss off your noisy neighbors

11. The children's musical revenge

If you're lucky enough to have children, this is the perfect opportunity to let them express their creativity... loudly. Transform your living room into an improvised concert hall for a special “ unruly children ” performance. Give them instruments that don't lack volume and encourage them to give free rein to their boundless energy.

This one-of-a-kind concert is a direct response to your upstairs neighbors' incessant shopping. It's a fun way to show them that two can play this game and that, sometimes, the music of the youngest is the best reminder that respect for calm is essential.

my upstairs neighbor makes noise when walking

12. SOS Tranquility: Police Intervention

In some cases, nothing beats the effectiveness of a call to law enforcement to restore peace. When the living drums above your head ignore your pleas for calm, it's time to step up a gear. Contacting the police for discreet intervention can be a necessary reminder that living in society involves respecting others.

It is a serious step, certainly, but sometimes essential to make certain recalcitrant neighbors understand that noise pollution is not just a nuisance, but a violation of the rules of community life. A legal and direct way to restore the much sought-after harmony.

music to piss off your neighbors

13. Pretending to be a serial killer

If you ever manage to get the phone number of your upstairs neighbor, then that's perfect, because you'll be able to play the role of the psychopathic serial killer. Call the latter and try to make a scary voice or a deep voice (you can download phone apps specially designed to change your voice, it will be even more realistic).

Once your neighbor has picked up, give free rein to your prankster imagination to scare him and calm him down! You can pretend to be a serial killer and tell him that he's on your kill list and that you've already killed quite a few people. I think his face will instantly change and turn pale: he will have no choice but to stop making noise and go to bed, that's for sure!

how to annoy your upstairs neighbors

14. The ultimate Project X party

When all attempts to regain calm have failed, perhaps it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine. Imagine organizing the most memorable party at your home, the one that will remain engraved in the annals of the neighborhood. This is an opportunity to put on a full-scale demonstration of what it really means to make noise .

By carefully choosing your playlist to maximize the sonic impact and inviting all your friends for an unforgettable evening, you send a strong message: you are ready to turn up the volume to be heard. This party isn't just a social gathering, it's a practical lesson in the effects of noise...with a little fun added.

noise to piss off your neighbors

15. Delivery Trap: The Pizza Assault

When dialogue fails and loud music is no longer enough, it's time to move on to the surprise delivery tactic. Imagine ordering a series of pizzas, not just one but several, all with their name. It's time for a surprise dinner, but with a little twist: they haven't ordered anything. When the delivery man rings their doorbell, it's the moment of truth.

Not only will they be confused, but they'll also be left with a pretty hefty bill to pay . It's a rather creative way to make them understand that sharing goes both ways. The incessant noise shared with you, the unwanted pizzas shared with them. A juicy life lesson about the surprises we would prefer to avoid.

what to do against your annoying neighbors

16. Expired foods

If you find yourself with expired food (within reason of course) and you don't know what to do with it, here's an idea to get rid of your stock while teasing your upstairs neighbors a little, who may be a little too annoying. Take the opportunity to concoct an original dish with these expired foods and offer it to your neighbors upstairs. Show a little culinary creativity, who knows, maybe they will like it anyway.

After tasting your culinary "masterpiece", they could well have a memorable digestive experience. A slight indisposition, intestinal discomfort, or even a little diarrhea could be present. They might then think that they have caught some sort of virus, without making the connection with you!

This little prank might just give them a subtle warning to be less troublesome in the future. Of course, don't forget to keep an eye on their reaction to prevent it from escalating into a major conflict. The point is to tease, not to cause serious trouble.

how to smartly piss off your neighbors

17. Hidden Call Cascade: The Wake Up Call

Imagine the scenario: your upstairs neighbor receives an incessant wave of hidden calls, causing him to experience the inconvenience of being constantly interrupted. It's a subtle tactic to show him how frustrating it is to be constantly bothered . Without ever revealing your identity, you send a clear message about the consequences of his loud actions. A way to give him a taste of his own medicine, reminding him that respect and tranquility are on two sides of the same coin.

neighbor revenge ideas

18. The Conspiracy Opera at Local Poubelle

Imagine a chance encounter at the trash room, where you start an unexpected conversation with your upstairs neighbors about the latest conspiracy theories, ranging from the most plausible to the most absurd. With seriousness and a touch of irony, discusses how the world is ruled by secret forces, the hidden influence of extraterrestrials in world politics, or the true nature of the latest crisis shaking the globe.

The goal ? Bore them in a discussion so intense that they forget the concept of time, making this garbage chore memorable. A subtle strategy to make them understand that everything, including noise, can be subject to interpretation.

how to piss off your neighbor without it being seen

19. The Doorbell Festival

This tactic requires a bit of coordination. Recruit a few friends or neighbors who share your distress and organize a “doorbell festival.” The idea is simple: at regular intervals, someone rings your noisy neighbor's doorbell , then quietly slips away. Repeated several times during the same day, this maneuver can create an atmosphere of suspense and confusion, making them wonder who could be so angry with them for disrupting their day in this way.

how to be respected by your neighbors

20. Slam on the Door: Your Malicious Response

Are you fed up with the elephant footsteps above? Here's the masterstroke: the finger slaps, to throw right in front of their door. It's small, it's cunning, and it will make them understand, with a pinch of humor, that calm is golden. Imagine their surprise at “BAM!” unexpected. A little joke between neighbors, without hard feelings but with a clear message . Ready to launch operation silence? Get your hands on these little agents of chaos and prepare to take over, literally and figuratively.

how to piss off your bitchy neighbors

21 (bonus). The Symphony of Intercoms

If you live in a building with an intercom system, this tip might come in handy. Late at night or early in the morning, use the intercom to send curious sounds or strange melodies directly to their home. You could even record construction noises or animal cries to add to the effect. The objective is to immerse them in a sound atmosphere so surreal that they will begin to question the reality of their own nuisances.

ideas to piss off your neighbors

Visual summary of strategies to win over your neighbors

This table serves as your compass in the labyrinth of tips for managing upstairs neighbors . He decodes with humor and mischief the different ways of getting the message across to them, evaluating the impact of each tactic. An essential tool for navigating cohabitation challenges with finesse and strategy.

Technical Malice Level
1. The Stink Spray or Stink Ball ⚡⚡
2. The Itch of Justice with the Itchy Hair ⚡⚡⚡
3. The Unexpected Bright Alarm Clock ⚡⚡⚡⚡
4. Create an open Wi-Fi connection named “OnEntendToutD’enHaut”
5. Poop wrapped in burning newspaper ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
6. Max Volume: The Symphony of Silence ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
7. The Broom, This Herald of Peace ⚡⚡⚡
8. Eggs thrown into his window ⚡⚡⚡⚡
9. Surprise Announcement on Leboncoin ⚡⚡
10. The tennis ball and the racket: a noisy duo ⚡⚡⚡
11. The children's musical revenge ⚡⚡⚡
12. SOS Tranquility: Police Intervention ⚡⚡⚡⚡
13. Pretending to be a serial killer ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
14. The ultimate Project X party ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
15. Delivery Trap: The Pizza Assault ⚡⚡⚡
16. Expired foods ⚡⚡
17. Hidden Call Cascade: The Wake Up Call ⚡⚡⚡
18. The Conspiracy Opera at Local Poubelle
19. The Doorbell Festival ⚡⚡⚡
20. Slam on the Door: Your Malicious Response ⚡⚡⚡⚡
21. The Symphony of Intercoms ⚡⚡

Malice Level Legend (represented by lightning bolts “⚡”):

  • ⚡: Light Malice
  • ⚡⚡: Moderate Malice
  • ⚡⚡⚡: Notable Malice
  • ⚡⚡⚡⚡: High Malice
  • ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡: Extreme Malice

One Final Touch: The Path to Resolution

Before diving into the comments with your own experiences and tips, I offer you a resource that could mark a turning point in your quest for calm . In addition to our 20 tips, a video entitled “How to solve a problem with noisy neighbors (testimonial tutorial)” from the Solutions & Débrouille channel offers an enriching perspective on the management of neighborhood conflicts.

It's Your Turn: Share Your Best Tips

After reading through these ingenious strategies for dealing with noisy upstairs neighbors, it's clear that originality and a pinch of humor can turn a frustrating situation into a memorable anecdote. Each tip, whether subtle or downright bold, reminds you that you are not alone in this fight for peace and calm . So, before you head up the stairs for yet another direct confrontation, why not try one of these ideas?

But beyond these pranks and tricks, this guide is intended to be a reminder that cohabitation, even in its most tense moments, can be approached with creativity and lightness. And who knows, maybe by sharing your own experiences or improvising on these suggestions, you will find an unexpected solution that will bring back the much-desired calm.

So if you've already implemented any of these tips or have any other great ideas to share, don't hesitate to dive into the comments. Your anecdotes and innovations just might enlighten someone else in need, and together, maybe we can redefine the rules of apartment living. Let's share our stories, our laughter and our solutions to make every home a haven of peace.


  • Damalte

    Si vous avez un problème de voisinage lisez bien ce qui suit:
    1- se rendre chez le voisin et expliquer de manière courtoise le ou les dérangements qu’il vous fait subir.
    2- si rien ne change (important) envoyez un courrier recommandé avec accusé de réception de « mise en demeure » de cesser les nuisance sous 15 jours avant poursuite judiciaire. Dans le courrier de mise en demeure détaillez les nuisance que vous subissez avec preuves.
    3- dans la plupart des cas si vous appelez la police il ne se déplace pas si vous indiquez que vous avez fait une mise en demeure et qu’elle n’est pas respecté ils ont obligation de venir verbaliser.
    4 déposer plainte au tribunal civil. La plainte sera traité puisque vous avez fait tout les recours: amiable et mise en demeure.
    La mise en demeure est prise t’es au sérieux par les services de l’ordre et la justice c’est la preuve que vous avez tentez un recours à l’amiable et que donc la la participation de la justice dans ce conflit et du seul fait du voisin.
    Dans 99% des cas le voisin est condamné à payé une amande: pour les nuisance et, pour avoir dérangé les services de l’état.
    Taper dans le porte monnaie c’est la meilleur solution.

  • Cazajou

    J’ai ris des astuces proposées cela remonte le moral face a des gens sans gêne et dont les chiens aboient beaucoup le soir du 24 /12 a 2 heures du matin j’ai appelle la gendarmerie sans succès et j’ai fait un mail à la mairie c’est dur de supporter cela

  • Yoann

    Bonjour moi j’ai une voisine qui a 96 ans juste en dessous de moi mais qui a toute sa forme et insomniaque en plus la nuit elle laisse sa télé à fond et ça c’est quand elle déplace pas son canapé d’un bout à l’autre de l’appartement elle fait ça le matin l’après-midi la nuit tout le temps tout le temps elle me tape sur les nerfs au secours au secours au secours je vais craquer


    J’ai une voisine qui est allée raconter à la gendarmerie que je lui avais envoyé les témoins de Jéhovah, fais livrer des colis, elle me dis que je marche en fesant du bruit sauf que j’habite au-dessous de chez elle..

  • Lenezet

    J’ai une voisine ,qui ne veut rien entendre..sont petit cour
    Jusqu’à 11 heures du soir ,tiré les chaises ,cela l’amuse
    Ma maman qui a 94 ans et moi 75 ans…nous n’en pouvons plus
    Elle se croit tout permis ..habitant h l m ..que faire ??

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