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comment faire un maquillage de vampire

Tutorial: Easy Vampire Makeup for Halloween

how to do simple vampire makeup

Hi ! Ready to make an impression by becoming the most captivating and terrifying vampire of Halloween night? Imagine yourself, wandering among the shadows, with a breathtaking look, capable of making Count Dracula himself pale . Do you think you need to be a professional makeup artist to achieve this?

Think again! With our easy-to-follow tips and expert advice, you'll be able to achieve stunning vampire makeup without the need for advanced skills . Curious about how to transform your face into a work of nighttime art?

So, dive into our step-by-step guide and let yourself be guided to a Halloween look that will wow everyone. Ready to be the talk of the town? Here we go, follow the guide for a spectacular transformation !

Video source: How to put on vampire makeup without investing in makeup - COSMOPOLITAN

1. What Materials for Your Vampire Makeup?

Are you planning to transform yourself into an unforgettable creature of the night this Halloween? Here's what you'll need to make your epic transformation a reality:

  • White Complexion Powder: Essential for a ghostly face, it transforms your complexion to evoke the mysterious paleness of the moon.

  • Black and Red Eye Shadows: Used to create an intense and mysterious look, these shadows add depth and mystery, simulating the eyes of a nocturnal predator.

  • Dark Burgundy Lipstick: Embodying the quintessential vampire with lips that appear to have been dipped in the blood of her victims, seductive and dangerous.

  • Fake Blood: Add the finishing touch to your makeup with this dramatic element, essential for any vampire. It brings a terrifying realism to your appearance.

  • A few brushes: The perfect arsenal for precisely applying each product, allowing you to detail your makeup with finesse and art.

    These essentials are easily found and will allow you to achieve vampire makeup that is both simple and spectacular. So, are you ready to dive into the skin of your character? Go ahead and let your imagination run wild for an unforgettable Halloween night.

    how to do girlish but vampire makeup

    2. Prepare Your Skin and Apply Your Primer

    Before you start creating your nighttime masterpiece, here are the steps you shouldn't miss to prepare your face:

    • Clean your skin well: Start with a clean, smooth face so makeup adheres better and lasts longer. A blank canvas is essential for an impeccable result.
    • Apply a white base: Use a sponge to evenly distribute the white powder or cream all over your face. This step is crucial to achieving the pale, ghostly complexion characteristic of an authentic vampire.

    By taking the time to properly prepare your skin, you will not only ensure that your vampire makeup lasts all evening, but also that it has that spectacular and spooky look that you are looking for. Ready to take the next step? Your journey towards ultimate transformation continues!

    how to do vampire makeup emy and the vampires

    3. Vampire Eyes: A Blood-Chilling Look

    The look is every vampire's secret weapon. To capture the essence of the night and add a touch of mystery to your costume, follow these tips:

    • Dark and deep: Start by generously applying black shadow to your eyelids. Don't hesitate to extend slightly beyond for a smoky effect that envelops the eyes with an aura of mystery.
    • Bloody touch: Then delicately add red shadow around the eyes, merging with the black to simulate a bloody effect, as if you were returning from a night hunt.
    • Intensify with mascara: A coat of black mascara will add depth and intensity to your lashes, making your eyes look bigger and more dramatic.

    For each step, an image tutorial accompanies you, allowing you to visualize precisely how to master this captivating look. With these tips, prepare yourself to possess the magnetic and terrifying gaze of a true vampire.

    how to do easy vampire makeup

    Photo source: How to put on vampire makeup without investing in makeup - COSMOPOLITAN

    4. A Pale Complexion: We Dig, We Sculpt

    To embody a vampire, the complexion must evoke eternity spent far from the sun's rays. Here's how to achieve this effect in a few simple steps:

    • Choose your powder: Select a powder or shadow a little darker than your natural skin tone to start sculpting your face. The idea is to create shadows where they will accentuate your non-living appearance.
    • Area definition: Focus on the hollows of your cheeks, using the contouring technique to visually refine and deepen. Don't forget to also apply the powder to the temples, along the sides of the nose, and under the jaw to enhance this effect.

    This play of light and shadow will give your face a spectral dimension, increasing the illusion of a being belonging to another world. With these tips, you're on your way to sporting a perfect pale complexion, worthy of a stylishly terrifying vampire.

    how to do vampire makeup for women

    Photo source: How to put on vampire makeup without investing in makeup - COSMOPOLITAN

    5. Chewable Lips: Drawing and Color

    A vampire's lips are not only a reflection of his thirst, but also a key element of seduction. For lips that attract as much as they frighten, here's what you need to do:

    • Outline: Use a burgundy red lip liner to outline your lips. This step is crucial to ensure that the lipstick stays in place all night and to create an attractive and precise shape.
    • Filled with passion: Then apply a lipstick in a shade of dark burgundy or dried blood to fill in the outline. Choose a long-lasting formula to avoid frequent touch-ups.
    • Bloody effect: Finally, add a touch of fake blood to the corner of the mouth or gently let it flow for a dramatically realistic effect. This will make it look like you just finished your last meal.

    With these tips, your lips are sure to attract attention, perfectly combining the allure and terror that characterize the most memorable vampires.

    how to do a boy vampire makeup

    Photo source: How to put on vampire makeup without investing in makeup - COSMOPOLITAN

    6. Adds Terrifying Details: Fake Blood and Scars

    For a vampire costume to be complete, you have to add elements that chill the blood and capture the imagination. Here's how to make your appearance even more disturbing:

    • Fake blood for a realistic effect: Fake blood is your best ally for adding a dimension of terror to your look. Apply it sparingly to simulate drops dripping from the corners of your mouth or to create bloody patterns elsewhere on your face.
    • Scars and bite marks: Use a little special effects makeup, like silicone gel or liquid latex, to form scars or bite marks on your skin. With a fine brush, draw the marks before painting them and adding fake blood for a breathtaking result.

    These details are sure to give you chills, transforming you into a creature of the night straight out of a nightmare. Follow our tips and get ready to spread delicious terror at your next Halloween party.

    how to do good vampire makeup

    7. The Final Touches and Our Pro Tips

    You're almost ready to emerge from the shadows and join the party of the undead. But before that, make sure your vampire makeup lasts all night, without fail. Here's how :

    • Makeup Setting: A good setting spray is essential to keep your look intact from dusk until dawn. Spray it from a reasonable distance from your face to seal in your makeup without making it run.
    • Small touch-ups: Keep a few key tools with you for quick touch-ups: a small mirror, your lipstick, and a little fake blood. Even a vampire has to adjust his appearance sometimes.
    • Play with shadows: For an even more dramatic effect, don't hesitate to accentuate the shadows under your eyes or around your cheeks. This will add a mysterious depth to your look.
    • Light on you: If you plan to spend the evening in a dark place, consider applying light touches of phosphorescent makeup. Visible only under black light, it will give you an even more supernatural look.

    With these pro tips, you're sure to maintain your seductive and terrifying vampire look throughout the evening. So, are you ready to captivate all eyes and make hearts beat... before consuming them?

    how to do vampire makeup for halloween

    Photo source: How to put on vampire makeup without investing in makeup - COSMOPOLITAN

    8. Post-Makeup Care: Preserve your Skin

    After impressing everyone with your vampire makeup, it's crucial to take care of your skin. Here are some tips to soothe and hydrate your skin after a long night of terror:

    • Gentle Cleansing: Use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup without damaging your skin. Opt for cleansing oils or balms that dissolve makeup while nourishing the skin.

    • Deep Hydration: After cleansing your skin, apply a rich moisturizer to rehydrate and calm the skin. Overnight masks can also be a great option for deep hydration.

    • Soothing Treatment: If your skin is irritated, consider using products containing aloe vera or chamomile, known for their soothing and restorative properties.

    • Thermal Water: Spray thermal water on your face after cleansing to soothe and reduce redness. Let it air dry for a fresh feeling.

    These steps will help ensure your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and ready for your next nighttime adventure.

    how to apply vampire makeup

    8. FAQ: Everything You Want to Know

    How to remove this makeup easily?

    To effectively remove your vampire makeup, use a cleansing oil or makeup remover balm. These products dissolve makeup, even waterproof, without irritating your skin. Apply, massage gently, then rinse with lukewarm water.

    Is it possible with things we already have at home?

    Absolutely ! A lot of makeup can be done with products you already have. For example, a simple black eyeliner and red lipstick can go a long way. For fake blood, a mixture of corn syrup, red food coloring, and a drop of blue will do the trick.

    And for little vampires, any ideas?

    For childish and cute vampire makeup, go for less intensity. Use softer colors and avoid fake blood. A little white face powder, a swipe of eyeliner for the eyebrows, and a bit of pink or red lipstick are all you need for an adorable look.

    How to make veins makeup?

    Using a fine brush with simple paint brushes, draw the veins using bold eye shadow. They are made from around the eyes, from the mouth, to cover the entire face and down to the neck. To even out, gently apply a very light foundation with a sponge.

    How to ensure makeup stays on all night?

    To ensure your vampire makeup stays flawless all night, start by applying a makeup base before applying makeup. Fix everything with a makeup setting spray for long-lasting hold.

    How to do vampire makeup for men?

    Discover in this video "Easy vampire makeup for men" by DeguiseToi, simple tips to create an impressive and realistic vampire look, perfect for Halloween or any other fancy dress party.

    And there you are, ready to dive into the night as a Halloween vampire who is both terrifying and seductive. We hope that this guide has not only inspired you but also reassured you about your ability to achieve impressive makeup without being a pro .

    We can't wait to read your impressions! Which stage did you prefer? Are there any tips you'd like to share or any burning questions that still need to be answered? Leave us a comment below. Your feedback is valuable and could help other vampire apprentices in their transformation. Go for it, dare, and above all, have fun! The night world is waiting for you .

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