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comment être drôle

How to be Funny: Turn Shyness into Charisma

Hey, you there! Have you ever found yourself in a group, laughing at each other's jokes, wondering how they manage to be so funny ? Maybe you think humor is for others, but not for you, especially if you feel a little shy or withdrawn. What if I told you you can change that?

Imagine for a moment turning that shyness around, not by pretending to be someone else, but by transforming it into your own type of charisma . Does that sound crazy to you? Maybe so, but it's entirely possible. Ready to find out how?

This article is not just a guide; it's your ally to unlock the humor potential that you didn't even know you had. We're going to explore together, step by step, how you can become the person who not only laughs at jokes but also makes them. So, ready to embark on this adventure towards a funnier and more charismatic you?

how to be funny in a conversation

1. Observe and Learn from the Best

Start by immersing yourself in the world of French comedians who have left their mark on stages and screens. Take notes on Blanche Gardin , observe the way she constructs her punchlines, how she plays with language to surprise and hit the mark. Watch Kyan Khojandi shows, note his impeccable timing and ability to connect with the audience.

how to be funnier

But how to do this in practice? Easy :

  • Watch Live Shows : Nothing beats the experience of live stand-up. The atmosphere, the spontaneous laughter, the way the comedian manages the audience... it's a gold mine of lessons. Find the dates of upcoming shows near you and reserve your place.
  • Watch performances online : YouTube is a treasure trove of humorous content. From full one-man shows to performance excerpts, you're spoiled for choice. Make a playlist of the best moments from your favorite comedians and analyze what makes these moments so special.
  • Listening to podcasts and interviews : Many comedians share their experience, their tips and their journey in podcasts or interviews. It's a great way to understand their creative process and be inspired by their perseverance.
how to be funny

    2. Forge Your Style: The Art of Becoming Unforgettably Funny

    Do you sometimes feel like a chameleon, a little lost in the middle of all these humorous influences? I assure you, it’s normal. At first, we all tend to imitate our idols. But you know what? Your "thing", that unique spark that makes you special, is exactly what will make you a memorable comedian.

    A) Find Your “Thing”

    Ultimately, humor is an extension of who you are. Your jokes, your style, your way of seeing the world... it all has to come from you. Yes, taking inspiration from the greats is a great base. But never forget that the public is looking for authenticity. They want to laugh with you, not just hear someone tell jokes.

    how to be funny for dummies

    So, how do you find this famous “thing”?

    • Explore what makes you unique: Your passions, your struggles, your observations about the world... everything is a laughing matter. Humor is often in everyday life, in those little things that everyone sees but that only you know how to make fun of.
    • Don't be afraid to be weird: The best comedians are those who aren't afraid to expose their eccentric side. Your love for B movies, the way you dance in your kitchen in socks, your irrational fear of ducks... Believe me, it's these kinds of details that make your stories unique and hilarious.
    how to learn to be funny

      B) Be Proud of What Makes You Different

      The key to making an impression is to stand out. And guess what ? Nobody is like you. What makes you different is your humor superpower.

      • Accept and celebrate your uniqueness: Instead of hiding what you think are your “flaws”, highlight them. Transform them into strengths. Make people laugh about what makes you you, and you'll see, they'll remember it.
      • Be patient and persistent: Finding your style doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, experimentation, and a bit of courage. But once you find your way, nothing can stop you.
      book how to be funny

        3. Book on Humor: Expand Your Comic Horizons

        We agree, YouTube is a gold mine for discovering hilarious sketches and comedian performances. But don't forget, books also have a voice in this universe! Immersing yourself in reading works dedicated to humor is like opening a new dimension in your comic quest.

        A) Why Read about Humor?

        • It's enriching: Reading books on humor is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It allows you to discover facets of humor that you may not have considered.

        • Find gems: Whether they are collections of jokes, manuals on humorous techniques, or even biographies of comedians, each page can bring you new ideas. Imagine coming across a comic timing technique in the biography of Pierre Desproges or discovering the art of the fall in Raymond Devos.

        • Develop your inspiration: Reading allows you to build a mental reservoir of ideas, styles and techniques. It's like feeding your brain comical superfoods; you come away with an increased ability to generate jokes, stories and amusing observations.

        book learn to be funny

          B) Examples of Books to Boost your Humor

          So where to start ? Here are some suggestions for immersing yourself in humorous literature:

          • “The Great Book of Dark Humor” : Perfect for those who like to laugh at the dark side of the force.
          • “Make Your Own Misfortune” by Paul Watzlawick : A classic that plays with the paradoxes of our daily lives.
          • Biographies of comedians : Immersing yourself in the lives of great comedians like Coluche, Louis de Funès or Jerry Seinfeld can offer you unique perspectives on the art of making people laugh.
          books on the art of being funny

              4. Learn to Handle Irony: Sharpen your Mind without Cutting

              Irony is a bit like salt in cooking: well dosed, it spices up the dish, but too much, and everyone makes a face. It is one of the comedian's most subtle and powerful techniques, capable of transforming an ordinary observation into a scathing and memorable comment. But here we are, irony must be handled with dexterity so as not to offend. Ready to become a master of benevolent irony?

              how to be funny by message

              A) The Keys to Handling Irony

              • Know your audience: This is the basis. Irony can be interpreted in a thousand ways, so make sure you know the sensitivities of those you're speaking to. What passes as a joke among friends may not be received the same way in a larger or more formal setting.

              • Timing is crucial: As with all humor, the moment you launch your irony can make all the difference between general laughter and awkward silence. Irony depends a lot on context; make sure the timing is right and your audience is receptive.

              • Subtlety and clarity: The irony should be clear enough that your audience understands that you are not serious, but subtle enough that they appreciate the intelligence behind it. If you have to explain why it was ironic, it was because it was too obscure.

              how to be funny with a girl

                B) Practice Responsible Irony

                • Avoid sensitive topics: When you're starting out with irony, it's best to avoid themes that touch on deep convictions or painful personal experiences. Over time, you will learn to navigate these trickier waters with grace.

                • Use self-deprecation: One of the best ways to use irony without causing offense is to gently make fun of yourself. This shows that you don't take yourself too seriously and invites others to share this lightness.

                • Be prepared to apologize: Even with all the precautions in the world, sometimes a joke falls flat or hurts someone. If this happens, a sincere apology shows that your intention was not to cause harm.

                how to be funny with a guy

                  5. Know Your Audience Beforehand

                  Are you getting ready to go on stage or host an evening with friends? Maybe you just want to make your colleagues laugh during your coffee break? Whatever the situation, one principle remains invariable: know your audience. This is the secret to adjusting your humor so that it hits the mark every time.

                  A) Why Know Your Audience?

                  • Adaptation: Each audience is unique. What makes you laugh in a circle of friends won't necessarily work at a family dinner or in a conference room. Taking the pulse of your audience allows you to adjust your tone, topics and delivery.
                  how to be funny as a couple

                    B) How to Know Your Audience?

                    • Observation: Before you jump in, take a moment to feel the atmosphere. Age, common interests, the level of formality of the event, all of this can tell you what type of humor will be most appropriate.

                    • Ask questions: If you're in a small group, don't hesitate to start a conversation before telling your best jokes. This will give you valuable clues about what might be a hit.

                    • Experience: Use your past experiences with similar audiences as a guide. Over time, you will develop an intuition for what works and what doesn't depending on the context.

                    how to be funny naturally

                      C) The Benefits of a Personalized Approach

                      • Connection: By showing that you have considered who they are, you create an instant connection with your audience. This will make your jokes more impactful and your humor more appreciated.

                      • Increased receptivity: When people feel understood and cared for, they are much more likely to welcome your humor with open arms. It can turn an average performance into a memorable moment.

                      • Avoiding faux pas: Knowing your audience helps you avoid jokes that might be poorly received. This is crucial to maintaining a light atmosphere and avoiding misunderstandings.

                      tip to be funny

                        6. Take yourself less seriously with self-deprecation

                        Humor has this unique ability to break the ice, defuse tense situations and, above all, connect us to each other. What if I told you that one of the keys to unlocking this incredible power is... to make gentle fun of yourself? Yes, self-deprecation is not only liberating, but it can also become your best asset, especially if you sometimes feel held back by your shyness.

                        A) The Art of Self-Deprecation

                        • Work on yourself: If you're often shy or tense in social interactions, self-deprecation can be a real lifesaver. It allows you to step back from yourself, put things into perspective and show others that you are human, with your imperfections and your quirks.

                        • Laugh at your experiences: We have all had embarrassing moments, missteps or failures. Instead of hiding them, why not laugh about them? Sharing these anecdotes in a humorous way can make you incredibly relatable and likable. This shows that you are able to overcome the past and use these experiences to bond.

                        how to be funny at night

                          B) Why Self-Deprecation Works?

                          • Creates an instant connection: When you make fun of yourself, you lower the barriers. People feel more comfortable, closer to you, because they recognize their own imperfections through yours. This creates common ground, complicity.

                          • Liberating: Learning to laugh at yourself is incredibly liberating. This helps you detach yourself from the fear of judgment and feel more comfortable in your interactions. The more you practice self-deprecation, the less the fear of failure paralyzes you.

                          practice self-deprecation

                            C) How to Practice Self-Deprecation?

                            • Start small: No need to launch into a monologue about your biggest shames right from the start. Start with light anecdotes, little moments when you felt ridiculous. The idea is to show that you don't take yourself too seriously.

                            • Watch and learn: Watch how professional comedians practice self-deprecation. Note their ability to laugh at their own flaws without ever putting themselves down. It’s a delicate but powerful balance.

                            to be funny in spite of oneself

                              7. Choose the right time to start your joke

                              If humor were music, timing would be its rhythm. Striking at the right time can turn a good joke into an unforgettable moment. But how do you know when it's the perfect time? Don't panic, I'm here to help you develop this intuition, this almost magical sense of timing that seems natural in great comedians.

                              A) Timing, More Than a Question of Seconds

                              • Good timing: Good timing means knowing how to capture the moment when your audience is most receptive. This requires reading the atmosphere, sensing when attention is peaked, and launching your joke just then.

                              • Having repartee: Repartee is the art of responding quickly and in a witty manner. This requires not only good timing but also a good dose of creativity and observation. The repartee makes your interactions lively and shows that you are comfortable, ready to play with the unexpected.

                              tips for being funny

                                B) How to Develop this Sense of Timing?

                                • Observe the masters of humor: Watch stand-up shows, listen to comedy podcasts, and note how professionals use silence, how they build suspense before dropping the punchline.

                                • Practice: As with anything, timing improves with practice. Test your jokes in different situations to see which moment works best. Over time, you will develop an intuition about when to strike.

                                • Learn from your “failures”: Every time a joke doesn’t get the reception you hoped for, analyze why. Was it the content or the timing? Often, it’s the “when” rather than the “what” that makes all the difference.

                                how to be funny

                                  C) Timing and Empathy

                                  • Context sensitivity: Good timing is also about empathy. Do you feel like your audience needs a moment of levity? Is it a good time for a daring joke? Knowing how to answer these questions will allow you to choose the perfect timing.

                                  • Play with suspense: Sometimes delaying your punchline a little can increase its impact. Learn to play with suspense to captivate your audience and make your fall even sweeter.

                                  how to be funny and spontaneous

                                    8. Try Theater or Stand-Up Behind Closed Doors

                                    Taking your first steps into comedy can seem intimidating, especially if the idea of ​​performing in front of an audience makes you break out in a cold sweat. But don't worry, there's a proven way to overcome this apprehension: start with behind-closed-doors performances. Whether it's theater or stand-up performed in the privacy of a small circle, these experiences can become your best allies.

                                    A) Why Start in a Small Committee?

                                    • Overcome Shyness: Performing in front of a small group of friends or loved ones is a great way to start overcoming your shyness. The caring environment and support from those around you can help you feel more comfortable and gain self-confidence.

                                    • Develop your abilities: Theater and stand-up, even practiced in a private setting, allow you to work on multiple aspects of humorous performance: timing, stage presence, interaction with an audience, even a small one. This is a golden opportunity to hone your craft.

                                    how to be funny and avoid discomfort

                                      B) How to Organize Your First Performance Behind Closed Doors?

                                      • Choose your audience: Invite friends or family members who you trust and who support you. The idea is to create a safe space where you can experiment without fear of judgment.

                                      • Prepare your content: Whether it's sketches you've written, personal stories you want to turn into humorous moments, or even imitations, make sure you have a clear plan of what you want to present.

                                      • Ask for feedback: Take this opportunity to receive constructive feedback from your audience. Ask them what they liked, what could be improved, and what jokes worked particularly well.

                                      how to have a sense of humor

                                        C) The Benefits of a Progressive Approach

                                        • Gain in confidence: Each successful performance, even in front of a small group, is a victory over your shyness and a step closer to confidence in yourself and your humor.

                                        • Development of a sense of humor: This practice allows you to discover what makes you unique as a comedian. You learn what type of humor suits you best and how to adapt your performances to different types of audiences.

                                        9. Be Brave and Take Risks

                                        Humor is an adventure, a leap into the unknown. Yes, it can be scary. The fear of judgment, of not being good enough, of failing... we all know that. But you know what? It is by daring to step out of your comfort zone that you will discover your true comedic potential. Let me share with you stories of those who dared, despite their fears, and never regretted it.

                                        how to make someone laugh for sure

                                        A) Why Dare to Take Risks?

                                        • Liberation from “what if”: How many times have you found yourself regretting not having acted out of fear of “what will people say”? Whether it's talking to someone you're interested in or trying a daring joke, the regret afterwards is often worse than the failure itself.

                                        • Discovery of new sensations: When you dare, even if it seems terrifying, you cross a psychological barrier. And once on the other side, the satisfaction and pride of having overcome your fears is unmatched. It's addictive.

                                        • Failure = learning: If you succeed, that's fantastic. But even if you fail, you gain something invaluable: learning. Each failed attempt is a lesson that brings you closer to mastering your art.

                                        can humor be learned?

                                          B) How to Become More Courageous?

                                          • Set progressive goals: Don't start a one-man show right away if the idea terrifies you. Start with small actions that push you out of your comfort zone. Maybe simply by sharing a joke in public or posting a funny video online.

                                          • Celebrate every small success: Every time you overcome a fear, even a small one, take a moment to congratulate yourself. These small victories build confidence and courage.

                                          • Learn from your experiences: Whether you are greeted with laughter or met with silence, every experience is rich in lessons. Analyze what worked, what didn’t, and adjust accordingly.

                                          How to manage your stress

                                            10. Learn to Manage Your Stress

                                            Does the jitters before going on stage or the anxiety before telling a joke in public speak to you? This is normal, but don't let stress stop you from sharing your talent. Stress management is an essential skill for any comedian wanting to connect with their audience without being paralyzed by fear. Here's how you can learn to control your stress and get started with confidence.

                                            A) Techniques for Managing Stress

                                            • Put the issue into perspective: Put things into perspective. If a joke doesn't go as planned, it's not the end of the world. Every performance is an opportunity to learn and grow, not a final verdict on your talent.

                                            • Practice relaxation: Simple techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or even regular physical activity can help significantly reduce your stress level. Integrate these practices into your daily routine to feel more zen in any situation.

                                            • Positive visualization: Before you begin, take a moment to visualize your success. Imagine yourself making your audience laugh, receiving applause. This visualization technique can boost your confidence and reduce your anxiety.

                                            how to manage stress naturally

                                              B) Managing Stress in Practice

                                              • Preparation: Knowing your equipment like the back of your hand can greatly reduce your stress. Rehearse your jokes, your stories, until you feel comfortable. Confidence comes from preparation.

                                              • Pre-Stage Routine: Develop a little routine before going on stage to ground yourself and calm you down. This could be a few deep breaths, a personal mantra, or even a little physical warm-up.

                                              • Accept nervousness: Paradoxically, accepting that you are nervous can help reduce your stress. It is a natural reaction to the anticipation of an important event. Accepting your feelings without judgment can help you overcome them more easily.

                                              how to overcome stress and anxiety naturally

                                                11. Test yourself: Interactive Humor Quiz

                                                Ready to reveal your hidden talent for humor and see if you can turn your shyness into comedic charisma ? Dive into our interactive quiz just below and find out what type of comedian is inside you!

                                                Scoring Scale:

                                                • 0-3 points: Laughter Novice - A beginner in the subtle art of humor, you are in the middle of a discovery. Keep your curiosity, and you will soon become the king of jokes!
                                                • 4-6 points: Apprentice of Humor - You have already taken your first steps and you are starting to find your rhythm. Humor no longer has any secrets for you, but you still have a few tricks to learn.
                                                • 7-9 points: Laugh Virtuoso - With this score, you have mastered the art of making people laugh. Your sharp humor and quick wit already place you among the greats!
                                                • 10 points: Living Legend of Humor - Congratulations! You are at the top, a true genius of humor. Your name will remain engraved in the annals of comedy.

                                                Congratulations on completing the quiz! According to your score, you have started to unlock your potential as a comedian. Don't hesitate to share this quiz with your friends to see who could be the next living comedy legend. Laughing and making people laugh is an art, continue to cultivate it!

                                                how to be funny

                                                12. Watch The Secret of Humor with Éric Judor

                                                Discover the tips of a comedy master in “How to be funny? Éric Judor’s tutorial”. This Brut video immerses you in the unique world of Éric Judor, revealing how humor and personality intertwine to create unforgettable moments . Must-have content for anyone looking to sharpen their sense of humor. 👇

                                                  You have now taken the steps to awaken the comedian in you, discovering that humor is much more than just a series of jokes, but a personal journey enriched by your own experiences, failures, and successes. This guide is not just a series of tips; it's a springboard for you to explore your own sense of humor , with a little observation, a lot of practice, and a good dose of courage.

                                                  Now it's up to you to share: what advice spoke to you, do you have any anecdotes where you shined thanks to your humor, or moments where you had to overcome your shyness ? Leave a comment below with your experiences or questions.

                                                  Together, let's explore humor as a means of connection, growth and fun. Every little step, every shared laugh brings us closer to a more joyful world . Share your stories, and let's inspire each other on this humorous path.

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