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Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Stinkball (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape

Stinkball (×10)

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  • Rotten egg scent: A timeless classic to surprise your friends.
  • Crush Activation: Crush, throw, and wait for the explosion of laughter (or disgust).
  • Evening attraction: Perfect for livening up any gathering.
  • Guaranteed impact: A few seconds are enough for maximum effect.
  • Safe fun: Zero health risk, maximum fun.
  • Pack of 10: Designed for a memorable joke every time you throw it.
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Stink Ball: A Timeless Classic of Prank and Catch

Remember the excitement and laughter caused by the stink balls in the playground? With our set of 10 Stink Balls , rediscover this childish joy and share it with your loved ones. Each ball is an explosion of memories, a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern banter, ready to turn any gathering into a hilarious moment.

A Symphony of Smells for Hilarious Moments

These stink balls aren't just childhood toys; they are an orchestra of smells capable of awakening all your senses. Imagine the comical effect when you release the smell of sulfur, rotten eggs, or dirty socks into a room. It is the ideal tool to surprise and entertain, creating unique and memorable moments. Whether at a party or as an innocent joke, these stink balls are guaranteed to cause laughter and surprises.

Rediscover the Simple Pleasure of a Good Prank

Each stink ball is a time capsule that takes you back to the carefree days of childhood . Use them to strengthen bonds with your friends and family, sharing a moment of collective laughter. They are also a great way to lighten the mood and add a touch of humor to any event. Lightweight, easy to carry and use, these stink balls are a must-have addition to your prank collection.

How does a stink ball work?

Curious to discover the secret behind the infamous smell of our stink balls and how they are made? These small capsules contain ammonium sulfide , enclosed in a glass ball. When you throw the ball on the ground, breaking the sphere, the ammonium sulfide comes into contact with the air, releasing hydrogen sulfide . This gas is famous for its very pronounced rotting smell, reminiscent of rotten eggs.

Who invented the stink ball?

You may be surprised to learn that the origin of the stink ball is linked to a famous historical figure. It was in fact Charles de Gaulle , during the French presidential campaign of 1965, who is said to have given birth to the modern concept of the stink ball, at least in its figurative sense. This little historical anecdote adds a layer of mystery and history to our stink balls, making them even more intriguing!

How long does the smell of a stink ball last?

The distinctive odor of a stink ball varies in duration, but it usually lingers for a few minutes up to an hour . This depends on factors like the ventilation of the space and the type of surface it is crushed on. Long enough to leave an impression, the smell evaporates before becoming a lasting annoyance. Ideal for a quick and memorable prank!

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