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From laughter to reality: our story

A return to childhood full of laughter and complicity

At Farce & Attrape, we take you back to a world where every corner is full of laughter and surprises. Do you remember those afternoons spent laughing out loud with funny gadgets, planning the next prank to impress your friends or family? We invite you to relive those magical moments, when a simple whoopee cushion or a stink ball was enough to transform an ordinary day into a festival of joy. Here, each product is a time capsule that reconnects you to those joyful memories.

back to childhood

Our story: two friends, one passion

The story of Farce & Attrape is above all a human adventure, born from the friendship between two lovers of humor and parties. It was during an evening with friends, between laughter and childhood memories, that the idea was born. Why not share our love for pranks and good times? This is how our store was born, a place dedicated to good humor, where each visit is a promise of fun and laughter.

A treasure trove of pranks and tricks

In our Ali Baba's cave, you will find everything you need to liven up your evenings and family reunions. From timeless classics like whoopee cushions and fake insects, to electric juice gadgets, party supplies and costumes for all tastes. At Farce & Attrape, we take care to select quality, safe and original products, so that your pranks are always a source of joy and shared laughter.

party items

The magic of childhood memories to relive

We invite you to dive back into your childhood memories, to relive these moments of carefreeness and pure happiness. Let yourself be carried away by the nostalgia of those moments when a simple prank was enough to amaze you. With Farce & Attrape, you can recreate these moments for you and your loved ones, and why not, pass on the pleasure of pranks and tricks to new generations.

At your service: friendly and close customer service

Your experience with us is at the heart of our mission. We're here to help you choose the best pranks and tricks, answer your questions, and ensure a pleasant and secure purchasing experience. Our customer service is here to listen to you: do not hesitate to contact us for advice or suggestions. At Farce & Attrape, each customer is a member of the family.

responsive customer service

Join our happy community

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will always be up to date with the latest news and promotions. In addition, as a privileged member of our community, you will benefit from exclusive advantages and surprises. Together, let's create a big family of pranksters and happy goons!

Why choose Farce & Attrape?

At Farce & Attrape, discover a varied collection to brighten up all your parties and meetings. From pranks for family afternoons to gadgets for memorable evenings, we've got you covered. Quality and safety are our priorities. Each item is carefully selected and tested, ensuring hours of entertainment without the slightest risk.

Our team is entirely dedicated to your shopping experience. If you have any questions or need advice on our products, we are here to help. Navigating our site is simple and pleasant. We designed our online store to be intuitive and user-friendly, making every step of your purchase easy and fun.

promise for the future

Our promise for the future

We don't stop there! We continue to research, to innovate, to surprise you and have even more fun. Stay with us, because the Prank & Catch adventure has only just begun. At Farce & Attrape, we are not just an online store; we are your door to a world where every day can be a celebration, a burst of laughter, an unforgettable memory. So, are you ready to join the party? We're waiting for you !

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