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blague à faire a son copain et sa copine

Jokes to tell your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Hey, you over there! Yes, you, who are looking for brilliant ideas to add a dose of sparkle to your life as a couple. You're scratching your head, looking for the perfect way to trigger bursts of laughter in your partner , aren't you? You're probably wondering: "How can I surprise my boyfriend or girlfriend with unusual jokes?"

Because, let's be honest, sharing a laugh is like giving your relationship a hug – it makes it stronger and more vibrant. You may be looking for that prank that will hit hard but won't leave you sleeping on the couch.

Or maybe you're just looking for a fun way to spice things up without causing a domestic World War III. Are you wondering how to navigate between humor and affection without crossing the line? How can you be sure that your joke will be a hit and not a miss?

In the following lines, you will discover a real treasure chest of ideas to make your other half laugh, test your complicity and above all, strengthen this unique bond that unites you . From sweet and innocent jokes to slightly daring pranks (but always within the limits of respect and love, promise!), we have prepared a complete menu for all occasions.

joke to make to your boyfriend

A. The best jokes to tell your boyfriend

1. Put stink spray in his shoes or clothes

    Let's enthusiastically introduce the stinky spray, the perfect trick for an unforgettable prank. Imagine the scene: your boyfriend is about to put on his sneakers or his favorite clothes, but a big surprise awaits him.

    A discreet spritz of this special spray in their belongings and you instantly transform their daily life. It's the perfect way to add a touch of humor to your routine, reminding him that every day with you is an adventure full of surprises.

    Tip: keep your phone close to you to immortalize this unique moment, without necessarily filming, a photo will be enough to capture the surprise effect and the giggles that will follow.

    joke to tell your boyfriend

    2. Wake him up with a balloon filled with flour

      Waking up your boyfriend should never be a chore, but rather an opportunity to laugh together at the first light of dawn. Imagine his surprise when, instead of the traditional beep of the alarm, it will be a cascade of balloons filled with flour which will welcome him to the waking world. He might be taken aback at first, but once the surprise wears off, this joke is guaranteed to be the subject of lots of conversation and laughter.

      Pro tip: Have a camera ready to capture this priceless moment.

      joke to make to your boyfriend by message

      3. The Surprise Candy Dinner

        Who said the way to a man's heart is only through his stomach? With this prank you will prove that humor is just as important. Tell him that you're taking care of dinner, but instead of the traditional meal, surprise him with an edible but unexpected version of his favorite dishes: pizza-shaped candy or cake decorated like a burger. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that in your relationship, even food can be a source of surprises and bursts of laughter.

        Quick tip: keep a real dinner warm, in case his reaction is more hungry than amused.

        joke to tell your boyfriend

        4. Send him riddles or freak out via text

        In the digital age, what better way to spice up your boyfriend's day than a humorous text fight? Tell him riddles, riddles or jokes through cryptic messages. Start with something light, like “Do you know why the chicken crossed the road?” and continues with quizzes or charades to make him smile during his lunch break.

        Extra idea: turn this into a game where each correct answer gives you a clue about what your next date will be.

        And if you're looking to raise the level of your message pranks, don't forget to discover our "TOP 15 SMS Jokes that will make you Stress" for even more diabolical ideas.👇

        SMS joke

        5. Change the names in your phone book

          Imagine his surprise when he receives a call from “Batman” or a message from “Darth Vader”. Discreetly take his phone and change the names of his contacts to the names of superheroes or famous people. It's a sure way to sow confusion and spark laughter.

          Little tip: for even more fun, change your own contact sheet to “Commissioner Gordon” or “Princess Leia”. When you call him, the surprise will be total!

          6. Replace your food with vegetables

            Who said cereal was the only possible start to the day? Discreetly replaces the contents of his favorite cereal box with fresh vegetables. Imagine his expression when he discovered a handful of broccoli instead of his chocolate cereal.

            Extra idea: leave a little note in the box that says “For a wake-up call full of vitality!” A dose of humor in the morning will strengthen your bond.

            funny joke to do to your boyfriend

            7. Put a stock cube in the shower head

              Hang a stock cube in the shower head for an...amazing morning experience. When he turns on the water, he will be enveloped in the sweet smell of chicken or beef.

              Tip: Make sure you have a camera handy to capture his reaction as soon as he realizes why he suddenly feels like the main course at dinner. It's a joke that will go down in the annals of your history.

              8. Stick post-its everywhere

                Cover your car or workspace with post-its for a stunning visual effect. Use bright colors to write sweet nothings, jokes or even draw icons and emojis.

                Little tip: turn this into a treasure hunt by hiding a secret message or plan for a date night among the post-its. Not only will you offer him a moment of relaxation, but also the promise of companionable moments to come.

                how to prank your boyfriend

                9. Replace your toothpaste with mayonnaise

                  Surprise him by replacing his toothpaste with mayonnaise for a wake-up call full of unexpected flavors. Imagine his astonishment at the first brushing!

                  Tip: To avoid starting the day on too bitter a note, hide the real toothpaste nearby, allowing a quick transition to a more familiar morning routine after your prank is revealed.

                  10. Put coloring in his drink

                    Transform your daily water into a mystical potion by adding food coloring. His surprise will be total at the sight of this colorful drink.

                    Tip: Use a coloring that mixes clearly without altering the taste of the water, and make sure beforehand that there is no risk of allergies for a fun and safe prank.

                    April Fool's joke to do to your boyfriend

                    11. Change your phone language to Chinese

                      Change the language on your phone to Chinese for an unexpected challenge when you wake up. He will have to show ingenuity to find his bearings.

                      Tip: Keep your phone model in mind to help guide your return to initial settings. This will allow you to share a moment of complicity by helping him to decipher the menus in Chinese.

                      12. Hide your car keys

                        Start your day with a treasure hunt by hiding your car keys.

                        Tip: To make this search interactive and fun, create a series of clues or a little treasure hunt. Each clue can lead him to places that are meaningful to your relationship, adding a sentimental dimension to the prank.

                        joke to make to your sleeping friend

                        13. Replace your shower gel with dishwashing liquid

                          Transform your shower routine into a memorable experience by replacing your usual shampoo with dishwashing liquid. Imagine his surprise when he realizes that his usual mousse has something a little different today.

                          Tip: Choose a mild dishwashing liquid to avoid any inconvenience and make sure he has access to his real shampoo after discovering the deception. It's a fun prank that will add a touch of humor to one's personal care routine.

                          14. Hide the remote

                            Make finding your remote a little more challenging by hiding it in an unusual place. Watching him frantically search for this essential object for his comfort can turn into a fun game for you.

                            Tip: To extend the joke without too much frustration, leave subtle clues that will guide him to the hiding place. This little treasure hunt will strengthen your bond while sharing a moment of lightness.

                            joke to tell your girlfriend

                            15. Change your phone ringtone

                              Add a touch of whimsy to her day by changing her phone ringtone to cat meows. The initial confusion followed by the amused realization that it's his new ringtone will be an unforgettable moment.

                              Tip: Make sure you choose a meow that is distinct enough not to be ignored, but funny enough to provoke laughter rather than irritation. This little unexpected change in his daily life is a fun way to remind him that life is full of surprises.

                              joke to make to your girlfriend by text

                              B. The best jokes to tell your girlfriend

                              1. Create credible fake news

                                Invents some extravagant fake news that might temporarily confuse her, such as the announcement of a totally improbable event linked to one of her passions or a celebrity she admires.

                                Tip: Present the news with all the details of a real press article to make it credible, then reveal the deception with a touch of humor.

                                2. A crazy gift: the zizi cushion

                                  Surprise your girlfriend with the most unexpected gift: a penis cushion, available on your Farce & Attrape store. This cushion, both funny and original, promises to trigger laughter and add a note of humor to your daily life. Attach an enigmatic note, playing on the ambiguity of its usefulness or referring to an anecdote shared between the two of you.

                                  Tip: Choose the perfect moment to give her this cushion, perhaps during a cozy evening or when she needs to relax after a long day. The objective is to transform this moment into a joyful and memorable experience, emphasizing that even the most bizarre objects can enrich your bond.

                                  funny girlfriend gift

                                  3. The fake tattoo

                                    Make her believe you got a tattoo of a design she can't see, especially one she hates, for a big surprise. Use a fake temporary tattoo for added realism.

                                    Tip: Choose a temporary tattoo that imitates this design perfectly. The important thing is to play the game until the reveal for maximum comic effect. Watch his reaction go from surprise to laughter when you reveal the prank.

                                    4. The anti-joke: the infinite wait

                                      Tell him you're planning an extraordinary prank, creating tension and anticipation. The more the days pass, the more she expects something grandiose. Ultimately reveals that the real prank is the complete lack of prank.

                                      Tip: Use mysterious messages and cryptic clues that lead nowhere. The objective is to construct a plot so dense that the final revelation, the nothingness of the joke, becomes hilarious in its anticlimax.

                                      text joke to his girlfriend

                                      5. The weird text message from an absurd situation

                                        Make a desperate cry for help for a completely bizarre situation, such as discovering a unicorn in your garden. The key is to stay as serious as possible in your messages.

                                        Tip: Prolong the illusion by answering his questions with ever more absurd details. The revelation of the deception, after a well-maintained suspense, will turn into a moment of shared laughter.

                                        6. Scare him by saying “we need to talk”

                                          With feigned seriousness, announce that you have to tell him something important. After keeping her in suspense, declare something perfectly trivial, like your shameful disenchantment with olives, if she loves them.

                                          Tip: The trick is to play up this “confession” so that she expects a major revelation, making the fall all the more comical and light.

                                          joke to make to your girlfriend on the phone

                                          7. The prank call

                                            With a prank application easily downloadable for free, have him receive a call asking him to join a crazy organization. Choose a scenario so extravagant that she can't help but be intrigued.

                                            Tip: Select a tailored prank voice that resonates with a particular anecdote or interest she has. The element of surprise and the originality of the situation will make all the difference.

                                            8. The phone call from an accomplice friend

                                              Staged call from a friend posing as a contest organizer announcing that she has won a totally unexpected prize, like a year of free delivery of novelty socks.

                                              Tip: The challenge is to make the call credible enough at first for her to believe it, then gradually introduce more and more crazy elements until the veil is lifted on the joke.

                                              April Fool's joke on his girlfriend

                                              9. The False Winning Ticket: Temporary Euphoria

                                                Offer your friend one of our fake scratch tickets available on Farce & Attrape, letting her believe that she has just won an exceptional prize. The excitement of "winning" will turn this moment into a memorable experience, before revealing the joke.

                                                Tip: Choose a relaxing time to give him the ticket, perhaps after a difficult day or on a special occasion to uplift his spirit. Keep your seriousness and share his enthusiasm at the idea of ​​this false win to make the revelation sweeter and more fun. For a final touch, plan a real little gift as a consolation, to transform the prank into a positive and affectionate moment.

                                                funny gift to give to your girlfriend

                                                10. Black coal on binoculars

                                                  Prepare a little optical prank by discreetly applying a little black charcoal or cosmetic powder to the contour of the binoculars. Then invite your girlfriend to observe something supposedly fascinating through the window. When she moves the binoculars away, she will end up with a funny frame around her eyes.

                                                  Tip: Choose a time when his sense of humor is at its peak, perhaps during a relaxing day or a fun break. Make sure you use a substance that cleans easily so you don't ruin the fun with tedious cleaning. This classic prank, revisited with tenderness, promises a burst of shared laughter and a memorable memory of complicity.

                                                  11. Change your scent

                                                    Discreetly replaces its usual scent with a totally different essence, but not unpleasant. Choose something distinctly unique, like a cake or forest scent, for a guaranteed surprise effect from the first use.

                                                    Tip: Make sure to keep her real scent on hand for a quick reveal after observing her reaction. This joke strikes a perfect balance between initial confusion and relief, followed by a good laugh.

                                                    prank his girlfriend

                                                    12. Make him think you cut his hair

                                                      For a prank that plays on the nerves without causing harm, get some hair extensions that match the color of theirs, as well as a pair of scissors. Sitting discreetly behind her, pretend to cut her hair, letting the scissors rattle in the air, then quickly reveal the extensions as proof of your "misdeed."

                                                      Tip: The key element here is staging and timing. Make sure you choose a time when she is relaxed and in an environment conducive to a joke. The initial reaction of surprise or shock will turn to relief and laughter once the deception is discovered. To sweeten the prank, complete your prank with a compliment on her real hair, showing that you would never really cut her beautiful hair.

                                                      funny joke to do to your girlfriend

                                                      13. Scare him with fake plastic insects

                                                        Use the fake insects from your Prank & Catch store to orchestrate a little friendly terror. Discreetly place one of these fake insects in a place where your girlfriend is sure to find it, like in her makeup drawer, her favorite coffee mug, or even on her pillow.

                                                        Tip: To maximize the surprise effect, choose a moment when she's totally not expecting it and be ready to capture her reaction, whether on camera or just to laugh about it together afterwards. Make sure the insect chosen is realistic enough to cause a little startle, but reveals the joke quickly so as not to let fear set in.

                                                        how to scare your girlfriend

                                                        C. Discover the Kings of Couple Prank on video

                                                        To spice up our topic and give you even more ideas for pranks to pull off, we have selected for you two key videos from Jesse 's YouTube channel, a reference in the art of love prank . In this hilarious series PRANKVSPRANK, we witness a real battle of jokes between Jesse and his girlfriend, each using their ingenuity to trap the other.

                                                        First nugget: “GIRLFRIEND CAUGHT CHEATING PRANK – PRANKVSPRANK”

                                                        In this video, Jesse's girlfriend stages an infidelity with a fake model placed in their bed, creating a moment of pure comic tension. His reaction, to be discovered, is a masterpiece of love prank.

                                                        Second masterpiece: “HOT PEPPER EXTRACT PRANK”

                                                        Here, Jesse gets his revenge by changing his girlfriend's meal: he replaces her usual sushi sauce with one of the hottest sauces in the world. The fiery reaction that ensues is worth watching.

                                                        A World of Laughter and Complicity

                                                        There you have it, you have everything you need to transform your daily life into a hilarious adventure with your other half. Every joke, every prank is a chance to see his eyes light up with amusement (or fake indignation, let's be honest). It's time to play, to test your complicity and to prove that love also rhymes with humor.

                                                        At Farce & Attrape, we have everything you need to take action. Whether with a willy cushion or a fake winning ticket, each product is a promise of laughter. But enough about us, let’s talk about you! Which prank will you try first? Do you already have an idea in mind to surprise your other half?

                                                        Let loose in the comments! Share your craziest ideas , your successes (and your failures, because they also make good memories), or ask for advice if you're hesitant about your next prank. The Farce & Attrape community is here to inspire you, support you, and above all, laugh with you. Come on, it’s up to you!

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