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Welcome to our bestselling collection of jokes and tricks! Looking to add some fun and humor to your life? You are in the right place ! We have a selection of products to make your friends, family or even co-workers giggle.

  • Fake Scratch Games - Surprise your friends with these winning fake scratch games. They will be so happy to find out that they have won a big sum of money, but watch out, the joke will be on them!

  • Zizi Cushion - Looking for a fun gift for your friends who have a perverted sense of humor? This penis cushion is perfect for them! They will be amazed at how soft and comfortable it is.

  • Toxic Bomb Stink Spray - Intruder Repellent Spray - Looking for a way to deter intruders? Our stinky spray "Toxic Bomb" is here to help! A single spray will be enough to scare off intruders.

  • Remote Whoopee Cushion - This remote whoopee cushion is a classic prank and trickster. Activate it remotely to surprise your friends and make them laugh out loud.

  • Stinky Ass Stinky Spray - Want your friends to smell your flatulence? This stinky spray is perfect for that! Spray some Stinky Ass and wait for your friends reaction.

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