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déguisement petit chaperon rouge
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déguisement chaperon rouge femme
déguisement petit chaperon rouge femme
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Red Riding Hood Costume - Vignette | Farce & Attrape

Red Riding Hood Costume

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  • Elegant Dress: Red dress with white corset-style top, perfect for playing Red Riding Hood.
  • Iconic Cape: Large red hooded cape to complete the classic look of the tale.
  • Quality Polyester: Suit made from durable polyester for long-lasting comfort and wear.
  • Adjustable Size: Easily adapts for a perfect fit, ideal for all body shapes.
  • Size Guide: Consult the images to choose the ideal size and avoid returns.


Red Riding Hood Costume: An Escape from the Classic Tale

Immerse yourself in the magical world of fairy tales with our Red Riding Hood Costume for women. Inspired by the famous story that has rocked many childhoods, this costume allows you to embody the iconic character known for his bright red cape and his adventure through the woods. Whether you want to relive the magical moments of your childhood or simply want a classic and elegant costume for Halloween, our Red Riding Hood costume is the perfect choice.

Designed with attention to detail, this costume combines both tradition and modernity. The dress, in vibrant red, evokes the character's innocence and curiosity, while the white top is reminiscent of the classic corset, offering a touch of femininity and elegance. The large hooded cape, the centerpiece of the costume, adds mystery and allure that is sure to attract attention.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume: Charming and Authentic Details

Each element of this costume has been designed to immerse you in the adventure of Little Red Riding Hood. The one-piece red dress, with its characteristic white top, will flatter your figure while remaining true to the spirit of the tale. The loose red hooded cape will allow you to fully slip into the role, ready to wander through the woods in search of adventure or escape the big bad wolf.

Adult Red Riding Hood Costume: For All Occasions

This costume isn't just for Halloween. It is also ideal for theme parties, theater performances or any event requiring a touch of magic and nostalgia. Easy to wear and adjustable, it adapts to various body shapes, promising comfort and style throughout the evening.

Red Riding Hood Costume for Women: A Bewitching Choice

Embrace your fairytale side with this captivating costume. Whether you're invited to a costume party or simply looking to turn heads, the Red Riding Hood Costume for women is your key to an unforgettable evening. Let your imagination run wild and bring your own interpretation to this timeless character.

Our Red Riding Hood Costume is designed for those who want to evoke elegance, mystery and a touch of nostalgia. When you put it on, you're not just wearing a suit; you take on a story, ready to be told again. Take part in the adventure and let the magic happen.

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