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Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Sticky Man (×10)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape

Sticky Man (×10)

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  • Set of 10: A rainbow of figures for hours of play.
  • Random Colors: Surprise at each opening, with blue, yellow, green, red.
  • Unlimited Acrobatics: Sticky hands and feet for breathtaking performances.
  • Extreme Flexibility: Balance them or make them hang wherever you want.
  • Wild Imagination: Create endless adventures with these elastic companions.
  • Game Without Borders: Perfect for indoors and outdoors, have fun anywhere.
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Dive into Adventure with the Sticky Man

Discover the fascinating and fun world of Sticky Men, the perfect toy to unleash your creativity and entertain you for hours . With this set of 10, you'll have a rainbow of random colors - blue, yellow, green, and red - to brighten up your everyday life. These little companions are not simple figurines; Their stiff bodies and legs contrast with their sticky, stretchy hands and feet, allowing you to hang them anywhere and bend them to your liking.

Acrobats at Your Command

These sticky elastic men are true acrobatic artists. Attach them to windows, walls, or even the ceiling, and watch them perform impressive stunts. Each slimy stunt man is designed to spark your imagination, pushing you to create endless play scenarios where only your inventiveness is the limit.

Endless Waterfalls

The sticky men promise you unforgettable gaming moments. Toss them into the air and watch them cling with grace and agility to the smoothest surfaces. Their ability to bend at the hip adds an extra dimension to their stunts, allowing you to stage them in daring poses and stunt challenges.

These slimy little guys are more than just entertainment; they are an invitation to explore the world from a new perspective, to test the laws of physics, and to share moments of joy with your friends and family. Each man is a little miracle of playful engineering, ready to transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary playgrounds .

Embark on an adventure where every surface becomes a playground, every obstacle a stunt opportunity, and every moment a joyous memory. The Sticky Men are waiting for you to start the show. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see how far your imagination can take you ?

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