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claque doigt
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clac doigt
Finger snap (×2000)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Finger snap (×2000)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape
Finger snap (×2000)  - Vignette | Farce & Attrape

Finger snap (×2000)

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  • Giant Pack: Enjoy 2000 Finger Snaps for endless pranks.
  • Category F1: Safe and friendly for everyone aged 12 and over.
  • Without Lighting: No need for fire, just a fun clack.
  • Easy to Use: Throw them on the ground and watch the action.
  • Surprising Effect: Perfect for brightening up parties and gatherings.
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Keep in mind that safety is essential when completing these DIY projects. Take all necessary precautionary measures and follow the instructions carefully.


Finger Snap: Explosive Fun for All Your Parties

Immerse yourself in the world of Claque-Doigts, a must-have for parties and celebrations. This colossal pack of 2000 firecrackers, divided into 40 boxes of 50, promises hours of entertainment. These little firecrackers are not only fun but also very safe. Classified in category F1, they are suitable for everyone aged 12 and over. Enjoy safe fun with these firecrackers that require no fuses. Perfect for brightening up any event, they are a fantastic way to surprise and have fun with the family.

Clac Finger Firecrackers: Risk-Free Fun for All

These Finger Slaps are made to maximize pleasure while minimizing risk. Easy to use, they create a surprising noise when thrown on the ground. Perfect for outdoor play or as an exciting addition to birthday parties or family get-togethers. They bring a touch of whimsy to any occasion, creating unforgettable moments with a simple 'clack'.

Memorable Moments with Finger Snaps

Our Finger Snaps, invented by the famous Le Tigre house, are an excellent way to spice up family reunions or gatherings with friends. Use them for light-hearted pranks or to add an element of surprise to your celebrations. They are also perfect for introducing a touch of magic and wonder into children's games, guaranteeing laughter and smiles.

Clac Finger: Firecrackers or Not, What Are They Really?

Finger Snaps are more than just a game. Each piece contains a precise mix of gravel or sand and silver fulminate , creating a playful sound effect when they hit the ground. Designed as F1 category firecrackers, they are safe for family use from 12 years old. Their unique shape, similar to a small cherry, is obtained by wrapping it in cigarette paper . For optimal and safe use, it is recommended to use them on dry ground.

The Finger Snap Mechanism: How They Create Their 'Clack'?

Wondering how Finger Snaps work? It's a simple but fascinating science. Silver fulminate, a friction-sensitive compound, is key to their explosive effect. When a finger slap is thrown at a hard surface, crushed, or even ignited, it explodes, producing a sharp noise similar to the firing of a primer gun. This quick and secure reaction is what makes finger snaps so popular for pranks and games.

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